Our impacts

Inspiring people to lead richer, more active lives through culture and sport
montage of showing showing little girl in pink jacket standing next to a museum object staring straight into the camera, two men tackling each other whilst playing walking football outdoor,  three women sitting at a desk reading and writing whilst another women leans over them,  an older man sitting at a computer with a younger female sitting in the background,  two men chatting sitting on a bench outdoors, a man standing in front of a goal & a man sitting at a computer whilst a women leans over him.

We believe that everyone deserves a great Glasgow life.

How do we do this?

By delivering innovative cultural and sporting programmes and events that improve the mental, physical, and economic wellbeing of Glasgow.

We have created a series of short films to show the positive impacts we have on Glaswegians and visitors to the city. You'll also find information on our full range of programmes and how our work improves people’s lives.

We positively impact Glasgow by:

two men looking at the camera and smiling in a gym setting, one man is standing and the other is in a wheelchair, the main in the wheelchair has had his arm amputated from below the elbow.

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Everyone deserves a great Glasgow life.

Please support us and help more people benefit from what we do.