12 things you need in your bag before you leave your house

To help you prepare for the surprises that life might throw at you without overloading your bag, here are some essentials you should always have with you.

With another wave of COVID-19 rocking Nigeria, it’s important to always go out with a small, portable bottle of hand sanitizer. Germs are everywhere and you should always stay safe, COVID-19 or not.

Besides blowing your nose, you can use paper tissues to pick up coarse things, clean up small messes, and also clean your mouth after a meal.

You should always have fresh breath and keep your teeth clean after a meal. And on the occasions when you haven’t spoken for a long time, you certainly don’t want to kill the victim of your speech with bad breath.

No matter where you are, the need to jot something down can arise at any time. You need to be prepared for this so that you don’t have to ask around.

It is important to stay hydrated at all times. You must have a reusable bottle that you can fill with water before you leave your home.

It is also important to keep your lips hydrated to avoid dry and chapped lips no matter the weather.

For safety’s sake, you should have an extra nasal mask in your bag for those situations where you need to change the one you are wearing.

You can be hungry at any time and in situations where there is no possibility of having something to eat. You can still snack on your snack for now.

It’s super important. You should still smell great and leave a lingering scent behind.

The likelihood of your phone turning off when you really need it is high. Always keep a charger in your bag.

Your hair can get unruly at times and you need to tame it. Always keep a hairbrush handy, especially if you wear a wig.

You might not even be the one who needs it, but someone still needs a sanitary napkin. Always keep one in your bag for emergencies.

Once you know what you need in your purse, you’ll be ready to tackle any situation without cluttering your bag with unnecessary items.

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