2 Houlton sports commentators fired for inappropriate player comments

Two sports commentators from a Houlton radio station have been fired for inappropriate comments made about players when their microphones were live.

It’s a rule in broadcasting that you always assume your microphone is on, even if the switch says it’s off. But, during an Easton women’s basketball game last week, two WHOU announcers overlooked this rule and made inappropriate comments about some of Easton’s players during a live webcast. I won’t repeat the comments they made, but they fell into the category of body shaming.

Community reaction was immediate, and in response to this and the event itself, the management of WHOU radio in Houlton fired Jim Carter and Steve Shaw. In one Publish on the WHO Facebook page, owner Fred Grant said students are facing the most difficult circumstances possible, with pandemic restrictions and a very public landscape in the age of social media.

I apologize that the broadcasters did not see this fundamental belief and I apologize for their behavior. I know they are remorseful and I believe they too will continue to learn from their mistakes.

A video of the broadcast made the rounds on social media. Grant asks that people not share it, if they see it, but limit its exposure by ignoring it. And whoever posted on their website, delete it before it can be shared further. The young women on the team don’t need the added stress of knowing that everyone listens to hurtful remarks.

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