2022 goalie Amaree Abram talks about recruiting since Texas A&M disengagement

ATLANTA, GA РSince Texas A&M disengaged on November 18, Amar̩e Abram became one of the best guards available in the 2022 class.

“I just felt like I was pressured into my recruiting and just wanted to take my time and see what my decision was,” Abram said of why he reopened his recruiting.

Since the start of the Castaic (California) Southern California Academy season, Abram has played at a high level and with his playing on the field this weekend he is looking to find himself in the Top150 as soon as possible.

The 6-foot-3, 180-pound leader is long, tough, competitive and plays aggressively at both ends of the court. He’s a good defender, he gets into the paint, can do three-way shots and is an altruistic passer.

His talents quickly became coveted with Howard, Kansas, Memphis, Missouri, Stanford and Xavier among others all chasing him and he broke those in contact with 247Sports over the weekend.

Howard: “I feel like it’s a good school, it’s an HBCU, it’s a different look to me and I’ll definitely try to give a visit.”

Kansas: “I think it’s a wonderful program and I’m very lucky to receive interest from them. We talked about tours and things like that.”

Memphis: “It’s a great program. I think Memphis produces good guards and they bring guards into the league.”

Missouri: “They are a good school in the SEC and I feel like an SEC type player.”

Stanford: “It’s a very good school, especially academically, I’m a great scholar so I’m honored to receive interest from there as well.”

Xavier: “I’ve only spoken to them once, but the conversation we’ve had was very productive. He’s a great coach and they have a great program.”

For now, Abram is in no rush to make his decision and told 247Sports he plans to commit in the spring.

Abram is currently ranked 188th overall in the 2022 Composite Rankings.

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