3 Perimeter Guard Business Goals to Consider

With just days to go, the NY Knicks seem in no rush to make a move before Thursday’s trade deadline.

Their only move so far has been to trade Kevin Knox to the Atlanta Hawks for Cam Reddish a few weeks ago, a move that clearly requires a follow-up trade to make it worthwhile for the Knicks and Reddish.

Along with freeing up minutes for the former Blue Devil, the Knicks are also in talks to move some veterans since the team hasn’t lived up to expectations.

The players New York are rumored to be looking to move are Alec Burks, Kemba Walker, Evan Fournier and Nerlens Noel.

Should the NY Knicks trade for any of these players?

Not only have each of these players had a mixture of injury issues and/or poor play, but most of them are perimeter players.

It is certainly no coincidence. They all play a healthy dose of minutes, so moving one of them will give Reddish his chance to turn.

But who’s to say the Knicks are only trading one player?

In a scenario where they trade two or more of these guys, it’s fair to assume the Knicks will add a new player to the team.

It’s also fair to assume then that the Knicks would want to add a perimeter player if they trade two of those players in order to keep depth and avoid an empty roster spot.

This article will make the case for three perimeter players that I think the Knicks should be interested in if they go that route.

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