8 things you know to be true if your child loves fashion.

When she’s playing with her Barbies, I tend to ask her questions like, “How do you think she’d like to celebrate her birthday?” Why is she driving that fire truck today? What is she doing for Christmas? her blue hair?

I’m obsessed with the stories she invents. It encourages our daughter to express her ideas and make micro “decisions” about her Barbies and their stories, while nurturing her creativity, verbal fluency and imaginative power.

Plus, listening carefully from my side is also a big part of it! Actively listening and sharing her excitement when she hears about her latest muse’s style choices, the names of 17 dogs, or jet-setting projects (can I come too?) makes all the difference in sparking her creativity.

Barbie EXTRA truly celebrates the unique style, self-expression and fantasy play of fashion, showing our kids that anyone can be a trendsetter…even the construction worker on the other side from the street.

4. You’ll go to the bathroom at 4am to find them fully dressed for the day.

I guess when you’re so turned on by your outfit, it’s hard to stay…asleep.

Even though it’s an early start, I love seeing how proud she is of herself; assume this big girl responsibility and start her day in her own way.

To help us get some extra sleep, we set her up with a bottle of water, snacks, books, and her drawing materials. Giving her books that show characters expressing themselves in different ways is a handy idea for nurturing her own self-expression. Plus, having plenty of pens, paper, and craft supplies in each one means she’s learning to channel her creative energy productively when inspiration strikes.

And I can start channeling my energy to sleep again.

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