A security guard tackles a protester at a Timberwolves game

For the third time in the Minnesota Timberwolves’ last five games, a protester has disrupted the action. But this time a security guard was ready.

Early in the third quarter of Minnesota’s Game 4 win over the Memphis Grizzlies, a protester sits second row behind the Timberwolves owner Glenn Taylor jumped out of his seat and attempted to rush onto the field, while a second protester filmed the incident.

But another camera angle showed the security guard watching the protester intently for several seconds before she sprinted to the ground. Then, the second she stepped forward, the guard was all over her – quickly taunting her before she made contact with one of the players.

The protests began on April 13, when a woman stuck to the pitch during the Timberwolves’ play-off game. On April 17, during Game 1 of the current series with Memphis, another fan chained herself to the basket. The protests were directed at Taylor and the conditions at an Iowa-based factory egg farm he owns where 5.3 million chickens have been killed due to an outbreak of bird flu.

Watch above, via Fox Sports North.

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