Best Wetsuit Bags: Wet Dry Bags for Triathletes

Although they go by different names like wetsuit bag, dry bag, or even wet dry bag, these handy dry bags basically do the same job of protecting your swim gear before you use it and containing it safely when he is wet.

What is a dry bag?

Not only will a dry bag protect your combination from wear and tear before your swim by keeping it hidden behind durable material, it will also prevent any moisture from leaking into your bag, car or other belongings after an intense session in the bowl Where the wide.

This is especially important if you are swimming in salt water which can do more damage, or if you have electrical appliances or a mobile device on you.

Which dry bag is ideal for a wetsuit?

There are many dry bags on the market that can help separate your wet stuff, but not all of them can handle the size and weight of a wetsuit, so it’s worth paying attention to the capacity.

In our selection of recommendations below, we’ve opted for larger or purpose-specific bags, keeping handles and straps in mind to ensure they’re also easy to carry.

It should also be noted that some dry bags are created specifically for wetsuits. These wetsuit bags can include additional features such as pockets for swimming accessories or even a mat to stand on when changing.

Other dry bags on this list come in the form of a durable waterproof backpack, while others may just be a standard dry bag that can be used for multiple purposes. We have selected the options below based on extensive research, personal experience and analysis of user reviews.

The best wetsuit bags for 2022

Earth Pak Summit Series Dry Bag

Thanks to the fully waterproof promise, this dry bag from Earth Pak should keep your wetsuit tidy without the risk of getting wet until it’s ready for the water.

To make sure it’s completely sealed, simply fold the top of the bag between three and four times and close it with the buckle, and the roll-top closure will prevent any water from entering the material.

The straps have been designed with comfort in mind with a padded back to make carrying your items easy, and there’s a handy front pocket with a splash-proof zipper where you can store your essentials like your phone, your wallet or your keys. keeping them separate.

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AquaTrek 36 waterproof backpack

This wetsuit backpack is not only water resistant, it can also be fully submerged.

Capable of withstanding up to 30 minutes at a depth of one meter underwater, it’s ideal if there’s a good chance your bag will fall into the ocean or need to be carried with you through a plane. ‘water.

For this reason, it has been designed to be particularly buoyant so that it does not sink when it hits the surface, with airtight zippers that keep everything inside dry.

It even has a tow point so you can easily carry it while swimming, with reflective material that will keep you visible. Simply put, if you’re looking to combine your swimming adventures with hiking or exploring, this might be the option for you.

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Lomo waterproof backpack

Carry your gear with little risk of it getting wet, even in particularly wet weather, with the Lomo Waterproof Backpack.

It has a 40 liter capacity which means plenty of room for your wetsuit, towel and other items, with an ergonomic design including a hipbelt and sternum strap that should help distribute the weight on long hikes at the pool or in open water.

To keep things contained and out of the elements, the bag uses a roll top and buckle design.

Northcore dry bag

With 40 liters of potential storage, you’ll be able to fit all your wetsuit gear in this heavyweight bag from Northcore.

Boasting a heavy-duty PVC material, it’s designed to be a durable and sturdy option to take you on many journeys, with a fully waterproof promise thanks to its heat-sealed internal seams and roll-top design.

Available in a selection of bright colors that will make it easy to spot on the go, you can opt for a bright red or yellow, with additional reflective patches to make it even more visible in low light conditions.

Along with the backpack style straps for carrying, it also has a separate handle to make carrying the heavy item nice and simple.

Olaian wetsuit bag

This dry bag will not only store your gear after it has been soaked, but it will also create a platform for you to change into without getting your feet or wetsuit dirty.

The surface expands to a diameter of 88cm when laid flat so there is plenty of space to stand on and can easily be folded when lowered to become a handy container.

It’s made from coated polyester that’ll seal your wet gear inside without dripping onto the rest of your stuff and has a carry strap so you can carry it home without a hitch.

Ocean and Earth Wetsuit Dry Bag

A simple, stylish bag that will keep your wetsuit out of sight, this ocean and land dry bag has a roll-up design to keep your stuff inside and a buckle to make sure it doesn’t fray not.

A subtle design that gets the job done without unnecessary frills, it features a welded PVC construction that will keep your items safe and separated whether wet or dry.

Zone3 Drysuit Bag

Designed to be sleek and clean while providing all the protection and separation you need for your wetsuit, this dry bag from Zone3 has a drop-down design with double buckles on each side and a carry strap for easy lifting.

The seams have been taped to ensure no moisture can get through, so once your wetsuit has been removed and ready to wash, you can easily drain excess water.

With a capacity of 20 liters there should be plenty of space for your wetsuit as well as a few extra items, and there’s even an outside pocket with a neon orange pull tab that’s easy to grab at a glance.

Hidarling waterproof bag

Available in a range of sizes depending on the number of suits and the amount of gear you wish to carry, the Ocean Pack can be available in any size from five liters to 30 litres.

Designed to be lightweight, whichever option you choose, it’s a simple, smooth bag with a flap design and a buckle closure to keep everything securely inside.

It has a detachable shoulder strap that can be adjusted should you decide to keep it attached, and when not in use the bag can be folded up thanks to its slim design meaning it won’t take up much space. .

Quiksilver Sea Stash Surf Backpack

You can opt for a subtle black or a bright yellow tone for added visibility with the Sea Stash backpack from surf brand Quicksilver. Each color holds the same 22 liter capacity, with a roll top closure and a loop that doubles as a handle for easy carrying.

It has two backpack straps to make traveling easier if you have some distance to cover before or after your swim, as well as an extra front pocket to store any extra items you want to keep separate from your wetsuit.

Bucket Ripcurl Surf Series 50L

Perfect for wetsuits, wet towels and anything damp after your swim, these waterproof bucket bags act as handy laundry baskets when your session is over.

They have a 50 liter capacity which means plenty of room for anything soaking wet, with two handles so you can carry them easily.

They’re foldable, which should save on storage when not in use, and come in two different designs, so if you’re training with a group, you can make sure you’re taking the right combination with you.

Moreover, you can also use them as a changing mat before and after your swim.

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