Brian Laundrie detectives speculate ‘black box’ sealed in dry bag found before remains

ONLINE detectives have a new theory that a mysterious “black box” at the bottom of Brian Laundrie’s dry bag could be a “gun.”

On a Facebook group dedicated to the Gabby Petito case, users speculated on a close-up photo of the dry bag recovered by Laundrie’s father, Chris Laundrie, near where the body was tied.


Online Detectives Spotted Mysterious ‘Black Box’ In Brian Laundrie’s Dry Bag
Brian's father Chris Laundrie stumbled upon the bag after he and his wife joined in the search


Brian’s father Chris Laundrie stumbled upon the bag after he and his wife joined in the searchCredit: Tiktok / jennalynn468

The image appears to show a long object at the bottom of the bag that users say looks like a “black box”.

“I’m really curious about what the black box is and what’s in it, if any …” the post read.


Meanwhile, a senior investigator criticized police for their handling of the Brian Laundrie case after Chris Laundrie found the waterproof bag minutes after joining the search.

Chris and his wife Roberta Laundrie arrived at Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park to help investigators search the area around which Brian’s remains were found on Wednesday.

Less than 90 minutes after their arrival, Laundrie fell on the sack.

Tom Joyce, a retired NYPD lieutenant commander, told The Sun the search was an “s ** tshow,” adding that he found “so disturbing” that Laundrie fell for the sack so easily.

He said police allowing Laundrie to go “walking alone during such a high-stakes investigation is beyond me.”

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