Carol Vorderman puts on a skin-tight wetsuit while paddling

Carol Vorderman defied her age by showing off in a skintight wetsuit while paddling. The 61-year-old shared a campaign on Instagram with fans.

Sharing the competition, Carol, 61, the former Channel 4 Countdown maths expert, wrote: “Summer is knocking on the door and I want you to be ready! I have the perfect FatStick SUP package Boards to help give you everything you need to be ready for summer!”

She added: ‘As I own 2 FatStick boards (which I bought so this is not an advertisement) I will team up with them and give you the chance to win 2 FatStick Pure Art 10 inflatable paddle boards’ 6 (color to be selected) In addition to this, the FatStick guys are also adding 2 FatWrap changing dresses (color to be chosen by the winners), 2 electric pumps and 2 changing pads.

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“Now that’s a great summer SUP package that will have you and a friend smiling all the way to the water.” Carol added, “Good luck everyone…”

She also issued a scam warning to her followers, saying, “Be aware that spam accounts may be created because of this giveaway. The ONLY account that will contact you if you win will be @fatstickboards. Neither FatStick nor Carol Vorderman will ever ask you to request bank details and there will be NO links to click on to take you to a winning page.”

The 61-year-old had fans going wild with the snap. “Sounds great,” Colin wrote as Paul replied, “Gorgeous x”

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