Carol Vorderman takes sexy jumpsuit selfie while paddleboarding at dawn

Carol Vorderman has become the world’s greatest adventurer, and she gets up at dawn to go out on the water to paddleboard.

The 60-year-old presenter is making the most of her last summer mornings and has devised a morning routine that means she’s awake before the rest of the world even lift their heads from their pillows.

Although she might be in a hurry to get out, Carol still found time to take a selfie.

On Monday morning, the former countdown star showcased her cinched waist and famous curves as she posed a storm in her wetsuit.

The black sleeveless wetsuit did wonders to accentuate Carol’s enviable figure as she oozed confidence in the morning snap.

Carol showed off her famous curves in her new jumpsuit

The TV star sported her blonde locks in natural waves before embarking on her paddleboarding morning in Wales.

Elsewhere, she let her natural beauty shine in the Instagram post as she put on full makeup.

“New wetsuit,” she captioned the post.

“Guess who’s been out since dawn to paddle for breakfast?”

Carol found a new love in paddleboarding
Carol has found a new love in paddleboarding

The star rises at dawn to go out on the water

Carol has recently started this hobby and has fallen completely in love with going out on the water as it gives her endless “headroom”.

“It makes me feel like a whole new person when I’m there. It’s so relaxing, ”she admitted earlier this summer in an Instagram post.

Carol’s latest paddleboarding expedition comes after the TV star shared her age-defying secrets.

The former I’m A Celebrity star admitted she was happier than ever in her own skin now that she was “in the best shape of her life.”

Carol vorderman
Carol Vorderman feels in the best shape of “her life”

Carol has finally achieved her dream of looking both slim and plump and, according to the star, it all comes down to a healthy and balanced lifestyle routine.

Previously, she attributed intermittent fasting to why she gave up two dress sizes in a month without counting calories, and the star still maintains that lifestyle to this day.

Elsewhere, Carol is exercising regularly to keep her impressive figure in shape.

When it comes to her daily diet, Carol makes sure to ditch starchy fast food and prefers to have something like a nicoise salad, full of eggs, tuna, and leafy greens.

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