Chrome Industries Urban Ex Rolltop 2.0 Backpack: A waterproof dry bag for urban adventures

Billed as “the toughest dry bag for urban commuters on the street”, the sleek Urban Ex Rolltop 2.0 from Chrome Industries is packed with features consistent with today’s best dry bags, plus urban style cool which means it won’t be out of place among the best backpacks on the market.

This latest iteration of Chrome’s city-friendly dry bag, launching for Spring/Summer 2021, is fully waterproof and is designed to keep your kit safe and dry wherever you go, whether you’re cycling to work or on the go. you were paddling a SUP board down a river, but it also functions as a self-contained backpack that you can walk or cycle with – and it looks great to boot. We tested the 30L version to see how it performs in practice; Read on for our full Chrome Industries Urban Ex Rolltop 2.0 review.

Chrome Industries Urban Ex Rolltop 2.0 backpack: design and features

The Urban Ex 2.0 Rolltop bag may seem rather minimalist at first glance, but a lot of thought has gone into making this waterproof backpack as versatile as possible. Inside the backpack there is a very spacious main compartment which also contains a padded sleeve suitable for carrying a 15 inch laptop, as well as integrated pockets and straps to organize all your technological devices and other elements essentials inside the bag. When unrolled, the top of the bag has two convenient handles, allowing the Urban Ex to transform into a shopper bag in dry weather. Is the rain threatening? Roll the top down tightly on three prongs and secure them together, and you have a fully waterproof dry bag with shoulder straps that you can put on your back and go.

Six external loops on the front of the Urban Ex allow you to attach additional accessories, such as a bike lock, to the front of the bag, and two external straps will help you attach additional kit, and are also handy if you need it. to attach the backpack to a bike rack while on the move.

Chrome Industries Urban Ex Rolltop 2.0 backpack front and interior on white background

Front (L) and interior view, showing internal pockets

(Image credit: Chrome Industries)

Chrome Industries Urban Ex Rolltop 2.0 backpack: performance

The most important factor in a dry bag is, of course, how dry it keeps your stuff. The Urban Ex proved reliably waterproof in tests, even in torrential downpours – great if you’re off to work or on a weekend adventure and the weather seems changeable, and especially reassuring if you’re carrying gadgets emails with you every day.

We tested the 30 liter version of this pack and were impressed with the amount of kit needed. Day of the week? The cavernous main compartment will easily carry a day’s work kit as well as all your evening purchases. Weekend? Pack the Urban Ex for a day out of wild swimming or stand-up paddling, it’ll keep your towels, food and other essentials safe and dry even if you splash. A smaller 20 liter or 26 liter version of the pack is also available if you want something more compact.

Close up of the Chrome Industries Urban Ex Rolltop 2.0 Backpack

(Image credit: Sian Lewis)

We were impressed with how comfortable the bag was to wear even when fully loaded – the padded shoulder straps and sternum strap make it easy to carry when cycling. Although this backpack is comfortable enough for more casual walks thanks to the soft molded panels on the back, we would have liked a proper back panel, which would have made the Urban Ex more breathable and more durable over long distances and created a real quiver- of a backpack.

Chrome Industries Urban Ex Rolltop 2.0 backpack: verdict

What stands out after testing the Chrome Industries Urban Ex Rolltop 2.0 Backpack is how versatile it is – it’s so handy to have a roomy, reliably waterproof backpack to grab when you’re heading to the door, whether you’re going for a walk, bike to work, take out your stand-up paddle board, or just go shopping. Commuters will also love the sleek, travel-friendly look of this pack. Robust and reliable – it’s worth it if you need to protect your belongings against the elements every day.

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