Civil Guard says Ardines crime “is solved” – CVBJ


05/11/2021 at 12:30 p.m. CET


The head of the judicial police unit of the Gijón command said on Friday that the assassination of the advisor of Llanes (Asturias) Javier Ardines it is resolved” and directly indicated as responsible Djilali B. and Maamar K., suspected contract killers, Pedro LNA, as suspected inducer, and Jesús M., appointed as intermediary.

During the third session of the jury trial at the Provincial Court of Oviedo, the officers of the commandery of Gijón state that they have assumed the investigation after the crime, perpetrated on August 16, 2018 in the parish of Llanisca de Belmonte de Pría, and for which the four defendants face a individual sentence of 25 years in prison.

The officer said that the crime was “planned” since at the beginning of August a fence was found at the exit of Ardines’ house, as also happened two weeks later to force him out of the car and ambush him. For the person in charge of the investigation, the installation of this fence had to be intentional in the absence of work in the area.

When asked by the prosecution, the agent pointed out that in the “long and complex” investigation which led to the arrest of the alleged perpetrators six months after the crime, “there was no political or internal pressure of any kind“Despite the fact that this is a high profile case:” There was no rush or there was no rush. “

The officer explained that early on, the political environment was investigated de Ardines, responsible for the areas of personnel, beaches and rural areas, when it was known that there were several trainees injured by a call for public employment, but the researchers ended up ruling out this route and it was to that time they focused on the personal life of the mayor.

According to him, Pedro NA discovered in December 2017 that his wife – herself a second cousin of the adviser’s wife – and Ardines were in a relationship after recording a conversation between them in a restaurant while he was away for a few moments.

According to the prosecution’s account based on these investigations, it was in July 2018 that Pedro LNA, a resident of Biscay, made the decision to execute your planKnowing that his wife would be spending the summer in a family home near Ardines, and for this, he contacted Jesús M. to find people who could act as hitmen in exchange for money. One of them, Djilali B. declared before the judge that he and his Algerian compatriot Maamar K. received 25,000 euros each, while the mediator received 10,000 more.

After studying the routine movements of the adviser, the hitmen traveled to Belmonte de Pría to commit the crime and, after an unsuccessful first attempt at dawn on August 1, both attempted a second time around two weeks. later.

According to the version of the prosecutor’s office, in the early morning hours of August 16, the hitmen placed two construction fences to prevent the passage of Javier Ardines’ vehicle and when it went out to remove them, the two they attacked him first with pepper spray, then they hit him on the head with a bat or baseball bat and strangled him until killing him.


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