Coveted guard Wesley Yates talks schools chasing him, arranging more visits

(Photo: Brandon Jenkins, 247Sports)

Wesley Yates ranks 41st overall in the Class of 2023 and has big pursuit programs heading into the summer.

The 6-foot-4, 200-pound shooter has already made three official visits to Auburn, Stanford and Washington, but is in the process of appointing Gonzaga an official and deciding who he will use his fifth visit on.

Of those four programs, he also told 247Sports that Arkansas, Baylor and LSU prioritize him and after making unofficial visits to Baylor, LSU and also Houston, but he plans to use his official fifth to go to Arkansas.

The Beaumont (Texas) United four-star prospect shared his thoughts on each program and the timing of his decision.

Arkansas: “Just the consistency with which they talk to me, almost every day they contact me. They just tell me things about the school, show me things about the school, show me how and where I can fit into the program .”

Auburn: “Coach Wes Flanigan is the main one who recruits me, it’s my buddy, he came to visit at home too. When I went to the Auburn campus I felt like home, a cousin of mine is on the football team and he told me it was like Beaumont, Texas and he wasn’t lying , it’s like Beaumont; everyone treats you like family. I spoke to all the players and had conversations with them, KD Johnson and his mother came to talk to us. KD is crazy, he’s funny, I beat him twice at Madden. Over there it’s crazy, it’s like a family with everyone. Not too big, not too small.”

Baylor: “Consistency, always hitting me, showing me what I can do better and what I can work on, just showing me how I adapt to their style of play and everything, how I fit into their system and how it’s close to home and my parents can come and watch me play.”

Gonzaga: “Style of play, they let their guards play. The coach came to school and showed a film about where I can fit in. It’s quiet, nothing really there except me and basketball -ball, which is a good thing for me because I don’t have ‘I don’t really care about parties and all that kind of stuff. With Gonzaga, there’s no football, so everything is based on basketball. They are big on development, watch how they develop all their players like Jalen Sugg, Andre Nembhard and looking at how their players arrive in the League, they let everyone play freely. You can tell their development is good because when their players come into the league, they all play. The main thing I like is that it’s quiet there, it’s just me and the basketball, it gives me time to focus on myself, the basketball and me. improve every day. Dusty Stromer is my guy and he told me i would like it when i go there. I like the way he plays and I see myself teaming up with him too.”

USL: “I like the staff, when they came and had my home visit it was good. The coach was the one who signed me and when everyone was fired he was still there so I ‘ve built a divine relationship with him he’s basically like a big kid so i can talk to him like a normal kid it’s really cool to have someone like that recruiting you, someone you feel with comfortable and how I can also adapt to their style of play, they let their guards play, their new head coach trained Ja Morant, it’s also near my house. I feel like it’s good, I like it.”

Stanford: “It’s a great experience at this school. When I went to visit everyone was speaking well, it was great to be there, the weather was nice, everything, all the coaches are cool. The coach Cohen was the principal who recruited me before I went to Xavier but I get bored with them all it’s a great school and it’s a 4 year plan when you go there they have the best education in the world bro Kanaan Carlyle engaged and he always tells me to come be a tree so I play with Stanford. It’s just a great, positive environment there. You can just say it’s a great place.”

Washington: “My cousin, Quincy Pondexter, he’s my cousin on my mother’s side. I made an official visit there he obviously played in the League he kept some of the best players he knows the game and I don’t think he would let me fail as an individual if I was going so I feel like he knows what it takes to be successful. I feel like he would be a good fit, he’s my cousin and he’ll always watch over me and show me the things I need to do, he’s always been real with me, so that’s really great.”

Yates doesn’t seem to be in a rush to make a decision, but wants to cover all his bases and do his homework on his options before committing.

“I plan to make an official visit to Gonzaga soon and it’s a draw between Baylor, LSU and Arkansas,” Yates told 247Sports. “It will probably be Arkansas because I’m already visiting Baylor and LSU, so I’ll try to make an official visit there. Then in the fall, I’ll make another visit to Baylor and LSU as well.”

Yates is doing their due diligence throughout this recruiting process and is tracking each of his options with their other recruits, as well as their styles of play to see where he will fit best.

“I don’t really have a schedule at the moment,” he said. “I just let things happen depending on how things are. You know, so kids get involved one day, a school is there, but then a kid can get involved and then they’re not. there, so really just watch a movie about all the teams and see how I fit in. I really try to take these tours and see these campuses, and then I’m going to break my decision based on that.

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