Covid-19 Victoria: the hotel sector caught off guard by the double vax rules for the reopening of Melbourne

Melbourne’s hospitality industry says it was caught off guard by the requirement for staff to be fully vaccinated for the city’s opening on Friday.

Hotel staff must receive a double punch to be able to work when the Melbourne lockdown is lifted on Friday.

The rule was clarified by Victorian authorities, whose original health guidelines said hotel workers were to be fully immunized by November 26.

But this week’s change has caused confusion in the industry, with some sites unable to open because staff were not vaccinated on time, according to the Australian Hotels Association.

Victorian AHA President David Canning. said it was “incredibly frustrating” and the place had been “blinded”.

Camera iconThe hospitality industry says it has been blinded by the change. NCA NewsWire / Sarah Matray Credit: News Corp Australia

“It was this confusion that caused a lot of angst for our members who were planning to open this week,” he told Nine.

“If (the government) had said a month ago that we were to be doubly vaccinated by this Friday, then we would have complied with that.

“Hospitality has resisted sufficiently throughout this pandemic. There is a lack of personnel, there is a lack of skills.

Nanna’s Place restaurant owner Mark Mizzi said the timing was “not good”.

He said eight of his 20 employees had not been fully immunized.

“There isn’t enough time to let us know this is going to happen, and with a few days notice it’s not good,” he told Nine’s Today.

“I heard it yesterday morning at 5:30 am while I was driving, and all I heard is that there is a big rush for vaccinations until Friday for all workers in the hotel business and chefs, etc., to be able to operate on Fridays and open businesses, and that shook me right away.

“I said, ‘What’s going on? It only destroys us ”. Two years have been difficult and that makes it more difficult for us now.

“Our team will work twice and we may not be able to do the full menu, but at least we may be able to open for a few hours for some customers.

“Daniel Andrews, I have an apron for you. Apparently you are doubly vaccinated, I will see you tomorrow at 4 am.

Covid Update Presser
Camera iconCovid commander Jeroen Weimar said the sites had enough time to prepare for the opening. NCA NewsWire / Nicki Connolly Credit: News Corp Australia

However, the Victorian Covid-19 commander Jeroen Weimer did not apologize, saying the industry has plenty of time to prepare.

“We expect those who are now being asked to return to work to be the first to get fully immunized so that they can serve their clients,” he said.

“It’ll be weird to be in a world where we’ve said you can only be a client in these places if you’re fully immunized, but staff don’t need to be fully immunized… it doesn’t compare. really. “

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