Customers buying a drying bag for their dogs

If you’ve ever tried to bathe a small child or pet, you’ll already understand how difficult it can sometimes be.

Whether it’s squirming bodies, soap everywhere, or an interesting fiasco at drying time, it’s not always the easiest task.

Luckily for anyone looking to make life easier (especially when washing their pets), we’ve found the perfect solution from Amazon that pet owners are sure to love.

Now you can buy a huge coat for your dog that attaches with velcro and has a clip for your hair dryer giving your pooch the ultimate blow-dry – that’s a bouncy blow-dry we’d love to see.

The Puff-N-Fluff Dog Dryer is available from Amazon for £18.99 and comes in three different sizes including small, medium and large to suit most breeds.

All you have to do is attach a low heat hair dryer

By trapping warm air in the coat and drying more than one area at a time, the company says it’s more efficient to dry than just using a hair dryer or towel alone.

According to the Puff and Fluff website, the coat can also minimize that “wet dog” smell after a cold, rainy bath or walk.

Another thing to consider, the smart attachment may also help reduce the anxiety some pets feel when the hair dryer is turned on and pointed directly at them.

The website claims that any hair dryer can be attached and short hair and/or small dogs can take around 5-15 minutes to dry while medium dogs can take 8-18 minutes and larger and/or long-haired dogs may take around 15-15 minutes. 25 minutes or more.

The website also notes the importance of setting your dryer to low or cold temperatures before using the Puff-N-Fluff.

“Never use hot or high air temperatures. Puff-N-Fluff is designed so that air can flow through the neck, tail and paws. But please watch your dog for any signs of overheating , like a heavy gasp or a tongue sticking out of your mouth.

“Remove the Puff-N-Fluff if you see any signs of overheating.”

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