Dear local retailers, can’t we find a paper bag that lasts?

I don’t mind paying for the occasional paper bag, but can’t they make these so they last until I get groceries at home?

Let me start by saying that I have no problem paying a penny (or more) for a paper bag. I usually take my own reusable bags, but we all get caught up, once in a while, stopping in the store and realizing we left our bags at home. Or arriving halfway through our errands and realizing we left our bags in the car. In these cases, I don’t complain about having to pay for the paper bags provided.

But here is my problem. The other day, I stopped by the store unannounced, to buy a small container of half and half and a loaf of bread. I didn’t have my reusable bags, since I was in my husband’s car, so I bought a large paper bag for my two small items. I got home, grabbed the bag as I got out of the car and it fell apart in my hands. Oh good? With barely a weight inside, the bag just shredded every time I tried to pick it up.

I remember when paper bags were so strong that we used them for book covers. They were the best options because they lasted longer than the thin, cheap book covers you could buy in the store. Push your book in and out of your backpack all day, and the covers would hold up. But with the bags we have now, your lunch wouldn’t even stay in one piece in a backpack for the morning.

Please retailers, can’t we get the old bags back? Heavy and sturdy brown paper bags that can hold a dozen preserves without tearing. That you could fold up and store in a drawer until you wanted to send food to a neighbor or family member. Or line a trash can. We miss those bags. We will pay them. But they should at least be worth the nickel we pay.

Sign me a frustrated bag lady.

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