Doc Rivers discusses the elements of each point guard option for the Sixers

With a few days between preseason games, the Philadelphia 76ers have decided to bring back an old event to generate excitement for the upcoming regular season. The Sixers held a tag team scrum on Saturday afternoon under the supervision of Doc Rivers at Chase Fieldhouse (home of the Delaware Blue Coats) which was free to the public. The team split into two groups and faced off in an exhibition of two 10-minute halves.

While fans got to see some of their favorite players up close, it was also a chance for the guys to keep making their way to a turning point. As we know, Rivers still has some decisions to make before the season opens in 11 days for the Sixers.

The most important choice that remains to be made concerns the initial formation. Ben Simmons does not seem in a rush to return to the Sixers and has left the point of leader vacant. Now it’s up to Rivers to choose who should replace the disgruntled All-Star as the team’s fifth starter.

Tyrese Maxey took the majority of reps with the starters during training camp, but Rivers has yet to name him an official starter for the Sixers. In two preseason games, Maxey and Shake Milton had the chance to start as point guard.

Both guards deserve a chance to start, which is why Rivers is in no rush to make a final choice. Following the scrum organized by the Sixers on Saturday, he gave his opinion on the different elements that each goaltender brings to the roster.

“Shake probably clears the floor better with his shot. Maxey gives us speed. The two learn to be playmakers and lead the team. Shake is definitely ahead of Maxey defensively right now, ”said Rivers.

Based on his comments, it’s safe to say that Rivers is still in the limelight on who he wants to start as point guard to open the Sixers’ season. That said, he credits Milton with two very important areas that just might make him a better fit.

The first is his outside shot. Some might forget because his percentage dropped last season with the Sixers, but Milton has the potential to be a very competent outside shooter in this league. His three-point shot was a major catalyst for him to burst onto the scene in the 2019-20 season when he shot 43% from depth at decent volume. With all the seriousness that Joel Embiid will garner, Milton would benefit greatly from any open stares.

Defense, more importantly size, is the other factor that could give Milton the edge over Maxey. At six-foot-two, Seth Curry is somewhat undersized for the shooting guard post. Flanking him by a six-foot-five, seven-foot wingspan Milton would give the Sixers some option to defend opposing full-backs.

Starting a pair of six-foot-two guards could make life difficult for the Sixers on the defensive end.

Rivers still has time to make a decision and two preseason games for the Sixers to experience. It might just come down to a matter of preference, but Rivers has certainly argued for Milton to enter the starting lineup.


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