Duluth’s plastic bag ordinance goes into effect on October 15

On that date, retailers will charge five cents for each take-out plastic bag that will be reflected on their total bill.

Duluth City Council passed the original bag order in November 2019. It was originally scheduled to come into effect in April 2020, but has been extended to January 1, 2020 due to COVID-19 and the economic downturn that is affecting it. ‘accompanied. The fees were further extended to take effect 90 days after the state’s declaration of COVID-19 emergency expired.

The City says the aim of the ordinance is to reduce waste and the harmful environmental impact caused by single-use take-out bags by imposing a five-cent transit fee on take-out bags.

The city council decided that since single-use take-out bags can last for years in landfills and potentially lead to harmful chemical pollution, it would be in the best interests of health, safety and well-being. residents and visitors of Duluth to reduce the distribution of single-use take-out bags and encourage the use of reusable bags in town.

The fees will not be applicable in the following situations:

  • Any bag without a handle used exclusively to transport products, meat, other food products or goods to the point of sale inside a store or to prevent these articles from coming into direct contact with other purchasing items;
  • Bags supplied by pharmacists for containing prescription drugs;
  • Bags used for transporting take-out food and prepared liquids for consumption outside the retail trade;
  • Newspaper bags, door hanger bags, laundry and dry cleaning bags, bags used to protect fine art paper or bags sold in packages containing several bags intended for use as garbage bags, garbage bags pets or garden waste; or paper bags.

Retail establishments in Duluth are required to post clear signage indicating the charge per bag for take-out bags.

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