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It’s not the label that counts, it’s what’s in your handbag. Here’s a comprehensive checklist for everything he should be carrying at any given time. And other tips.

By Yatan Ahluwalia

A handbag can be a lifesaver. Whether it’s a makeup emergency or a wardrobe malfunction, your handbag can save the day (or night). But that’s only if you remembered to pack the right things. It’s not the “LV” label on it that counts, it’s what’s inside.

Here’s a handy guide for girls on essentials to carry in your purse:


India’s top celebrity makeup artist and hairstylist Jojo says, “Don’t carry the hairdresser with you. And for good reason, you will never have time to use all your favorite cosmetics when you are on the go. Always stock your handbag with only what you need for a quick two-minute touch-up. Here’s what you really shouldn’t get away without:

Mascara: To accentuate, define and highlight the look. Most of you use your eyes to get attention, express yourself, or make a point. A quick mid-day reapplication or a few swipes of “fully charged” mascara a few hours later will ensure your eyes keep talking.

Tip: If you have short or thin wisps of hair on your lashes, use volumizing black mascara to make them fuller and longer. If your eyelashes are naturally long, you can use clear or transparent mascara.

To blush“Use blush to add just a hint of color to your cheeks and never to make a strong color statement,” Jojo adds. Blush instantly adds healthy color pigment to even the dullest, palest cheeks. A swipe of blush, if it’s in powder form or a dab if it’s cream-based, will brighten up more than just your mood.

Tip: Depending on what you’re wearing and your skin tone, color your cheeks with pink or peach (for pale and fair skin tones) and coral or brown (if you’re bluish, dusky or dark).

A handbag can be a lifesaver. Getty Images

Lipstick or lip gloss: The lips are the other eye-catching element on the face (after the eyes) and should be defined with a lip liner (at home) and then filled in with your color of choice. The color will need to be touched up once, twice or even three times a day – especially after coffee or lunch, and especially if you’re lucky enough to have a little time to get comfortable with it. Apply a little gloss on your lipstick if you need to go out to a party immediately after a hectic day at work or go to a nightclub directly after the long day you spent shopping in the center shopping or pampering yourself at the spa.

Tip: Choose colors that are light and neutral (skin, browns and light pastels) for the day and brighter (pink, red and orange) or dark (burgundy, chocolate brown and shades of purple) for the evening.

nail polish: If you are obsessed with your nails or used a dark or light color to cover them, carry a mini bottle of nail polish with you. This will allow you to cover, repair and repair unwanted chips when you are out of the comfort zone of your home or dressing table.

Tip: If you want to make an impact and turn heads, paint your fingernails and toenails red!

The Wardrobe Malfunction Kit:

Every (good) girl needs a versatile sewing kit with a needle (or several needles), multi-colored threads, safety pins and other items to modify, mend and mend the unwanted and unexpected tear.

If you normally wear Indian clothes, like sarees, a spare hook for your blouse can be a lifesaver. If you tend to wear more shirts, jackets and pants, you’ll never regret having a few spare (neutral) buttons on hand.

Hair accessories:

Depending on the length, texture and style of your hair, you should carry an elastic band, a few bobby pins, “u” pins, invisible pins and a (clean) brush or comb. Your back-up will come to your rescue and come in handy whether you have a good hair day or a bad one.

Also, if you’re obsessed with how your hair looks and like to keep it that way all day or night, keep a small tube of gel or hairspray handy. A hand mirror can be worn by those of you who cannot fix hair without looking at it. The mirror will obviously also help with makeup touch-ups.

Pack This Every Woman's Guide to Handbag Essentials

Avoid materials and labels that are or appear to be blatantly fake. Photo: AFP

Basic handbag: the rules for your shoulder bag or clutch

1. Whether new or old, it should look as clean and well maintained as possible. Cloth bags can be dry cleaned and leather can always be wiped down, buffed and buffed.

2. Broken or frayed handles and straps are simply not acceptable. The same goes for zippers that won’t close and buckles that won’t hold.

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