GUNS Magazine Father’s Day Gifts That Dads Really Want

Men’s Tuck & Carry Jogger by Alexo Athletica ($83)

Alexo Athletica has earned a reliable reputation in the women’s only sportswear segment – until now. The Tuck and Carry Jogger is comfortable for lounging, but ready to perform when you’re on the go. It features an ambidextrous carry pocket design: a right appendage carry pocket and a left carry pocket, and a carry pocket at 4 o’clock and 8 o’clock. Pockets that are not used to store a firearm can be used to store extra magazines and other tools.


Umarex Glock T4E G17 Paintball Gun ($349.99)

“The father in your life will appreciate this ultra-realistic Glock paintball marker gun.” —Tom McHale, American gun

This fun and utilitarian set is a GLOCK .43, manufactured by Umarex. Not a .43 model, but a .43 caliber paintball gun. Yes, it launches round projectiles a little smaller than a classic ball. The “bullets” can be hard rubber balls, explosive capsules filled with powder or, even better, spheres filled with paint.

Perfectly inspired by a GLOCK 17 Gen 5, it will work with your gear like holsters and rail mounted lasers and lights. As it is designed to “shoot each other”, it is a perfect training tool. Use extreme caution to ensure that there are no real firearms and ammunition. Or just use it for target practice in the garden, garage or basement.

This gun is powered by standard 12 gram CO2 cartridges, available everywhere, and they will conduct projectiles fast enough to leave a mark. Wear appropriate safety clothing and equipment!

Streamlight Wedge® Slim Everyday Flashlight

Streamlight Wedge® Slim Everyday Flashlight

“This Father’s Day gift recommendation has passed the ultimate usefulness test. From an “EDC stuff” drawer filled with various flashlights, I pick this one up to carry in my stand-side pocket every time I leave the house, day or night. Why?

The flat profile slips neatly into a front pocket, while the integrated clip keeps it in an easy-to-reach position and consistent orientation. It is rechargeable via a standard micro-USB cord. We bet dad has plenty scattered around already, but one is included. —Tom McHale, American gun

The great value of it is its new activation mechanism. Simply press your thumb forward to flip the on/off switch. Push harder and the unit bursts out 1,000 lumens instead of the standard 300 lumens. No modes or complicated series of button presses are needed. It works, so it’s an exceptional option for defensive use. Dad will get a solid three hours of use before a recharge is needed.

Streamlight TLR-7® A Gun Light with tail switch options

Streamlight TLR-7® A Gun Light with tail switch options

Weapon lights are getting smaller and more durable, so it’s more possible than ever to equip a concealed handgun with a mounted light.

The Streamlight TLR-7 A is a 500 lumen tactical light that will mount to virtually any gun with a lower rail segment. I used one on a Staccato C2 pistol and carried the entire rig with a Tenicor Lux2 holster. Adding light adds precisely zero concealment penalty.

“What I particularly like about this solution are the ‘vertical’ activation paddles. Most rail lights use levers depressed toward the centerline of the handgun. It’s easy to use, but when carried in a case that applies similar pressure, the light can activate when carried. —Tom McHale, American gun

The “vertical” levers require the operator to press down towards the ground with the trigger or the finger of the supporting hand, thus preventing inadvertent activation of the holster. From a usability perspective, using this system is just as quick and intuitive as the side pallet method, so it’s a win-win for concealed carry.

The unit runs on a standard CR123A battery and has a lockout feature on the bezel ring, preventing activation. It’s convenient for storage and range use during daytime scenarios.

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