High-tech wetsuit protects divers and surfers from ocean pollution

With ocean waters being polluted at an astonishing rate, swimmers, snorkelers and surfers put their lives at risk just by entering the water. Vissla and Surfrider have collaborated on a slightly depressing solution to keep water lovers safe. The Rising Seas suit is a high-tech suit that uses nanotechnology to block the absorption of any harmful pollutants in the water. In addition, the nitrile pads on the stomach, elbows and knees help surfers maintain their grip on the board, even in very slimy conditions.

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Unfortunately, despite concerted efforts across the globe to prevent further damage, the oceans are choking on harmful bacteria, viruses, algae blooms, oil spills, garbage, and more. It is becoming common practice to close beaches due to the presence of harmful bacteria.

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The innovative wetsuit is designed to allow divers and surfers to enjoy the waters no matter how toxic they become. According to the design team, the Rising Seas suit includes a built-in biodefense system that provides an impenetrable level of protection to the wearer while in the water. The futuristic suit is made of Anti-R material which uses nanotechnology to block the absorption of harmful pollutants.

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The suit includes sensors that monitor water conditions for bacteria levels, radiation, and overall toxicity. All of this information is displayed on a digital LED display which is controlled by a touch screen control panel on the forearm. The system allows swimmers and divers to easily access information and set preferences, such as alerts for extreme conditions. It also comes with GPS satellite services that provide location-based swell maps and current weather information.

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According to Vissla, the suit is in the design phase and the team stressed that this is a project they “never want to make”. But its design aims to draw attention to the extremely urgent problem of ocean pollution and sea level rise.

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