How to Choose the Right Paper Bag – Tips from One of China’s Largest Manufacturers

Paper bags make effective packaging materials for all kinds of businesses that sell dry goods like office tools, ready-to-wear clothes, fast food restaurants and groceries. But with as many variations as there are paper bags available when trying to order wholesale paper bags, it begs the question of how to choose the right one for your business. That’s why in this article, Bagitan Packaging, China’s largest paper bag manufacturer, provides useful tips and factors consumers should consider.

Why choose a paper bag in the first place?

Public concern about the negative environmental impact of single-use plastic packaging has grown exponentially over the past two decades – for good reason. It is clear that the issue of non-biodegradable waste has gotten out of control, to such an extent that plastic bags are fished up from the bottom of the ocean! Marine life could either ingest these plastics or become entangled in them, causing suffocation and death. It’s definitely not a very good look to get attached to, so many companies have opted to go with an alternative. The modern paper bag is one such alternative, and it’s actually been around a lot longer than people realize. Paper bags dissolve and break down quickly in water and don’t stay in landfills too long either. It is for this reason that they have become one of the faces of environmentalism in the market.

Paper Bag Density

One of the first things people should look at when buying wholesale brown paper bags is the density of the paper bags. As the name suggests, the number indicates the amount in grams of material in one square meter (gsm). Paper density plays a huge role in determining how much weight a paper bag can hold and how resistant it is to folding. Paper bags with high paper density can be used to carry a few pounds of weight, but they will be bulkier to carry. Business owners should consult with the paper bag manufacturer they are associated with to obtain the best measurement. It is a waste to get a high density paper bag for light products and it will be very unreliable conversely.

The ideal paper density of a medium-load paper bag should be around 80-120 gsm, with those made of different materials like wax paper bags wholesale somewhere in that spectrum as well.

paper bag handle

They may seem insignificant at first, but the right paper bag handle can be the difference between a happy customer or a frustrated customer. A paper bag should also be comfortable enough for the user to carry around while shopping in different places, which, together with a well-placed brand logo (more on that later), could serve as a free marketing.

  • Rope handles for paper bags apply to most situations. They are often seen on the cardboard packaging of wine bottles. Be careful though as these thin handles can easily dig into the skin of the user’s fingers and cause discomfort if the contents are heavy enough.
  • Die-cut handles are holes cut into the top of the bag and require no additional material. They are quite popular for food packaging, but not very optimal for maximizing space as the user’s hands will block the opening.
  • Ribbon handles add a touch of elegance that can go very well with a specially designed paper gift bag. They can be used for special packaging, gifts and gifts. The only downside is that these custom bulk paper bags usually cost more to produce.
  • Paper twist Where flat paper handles are very similar. They are made of the same type of material as the bag and are suitable for light loads. For the same reason, the price of their production is also lower than other types of handles.

Designs and Customizations

In order to stand out among a sea of ​​paper, plastic and fabric bags, some additional designs and customizations are required. Logos and other distinctive graphic designs are the most important as they can advertise the business for free while the customer wears them in public. Transparent windows, on the other hand, are very effective for baked goods because they allow people to see the actual product instead. Designing is a very complex process, and a professional may be needed to achieve the best results.


The right paper bag for the right product can go a long way in improving customer satisfaction and promoting a business. It also sends the message that a company cares about its waste and negative externalities and is actively making changes to make its distribution process more environmentally friendly. Bagitan Packaging is committed to providing such a service with its high quality wholesale Kraft paper bags.

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