Hunter Biden, the slightly controversial son of the US president, puts on “a very tight wetsuit”, receives a surfing lesson from the voice of WSL Strider Wasilewski: “Biden’s giant pink surfboard immediately showed he was a beginner! “

Medina responds to Igarashi’s claims that he is a crybaby etc.

Two-time world champion Gabriel Medina, whose race to Olympic gold was hampered by controversial judging decisions in his semi-finals and bronze medal, hit back at Olympic medalist Kanoa Igarashi. after appearing to mock the Brazilian in a tweet.

In Portuguese, because Igarashi is fluent in Portuguese, a kind of American English as well as Japanese, he tweeted: “Chora chora q tou feliz! Hehehehe “followed by” Blah blah blah “and a laughing emoji.

Translate: “Cry, cry. I am happy!”

Blah blah blah, pretty explanatory.

Medina, mourner etc.

The tweet went pretty crazy, 877 retweets, 8,337 likes and 11.5,000 quote tweets.

In response to his Brazilian criticism, Igarashi wrote, “I always have the utmost respect for other competitors, but I don’t have the patience for people who like to speak badly of something I don’t have. no control. I did my best and that’s it.

After landing in Brazil, Medina was quick to strike back against Igarashi.

“Fooling around after winning is easy. Everyone respects each other on the circuit. I have won countless times against him and never played. I prefer to work in silence, do my own and concentrate… I watched the waves. That’s why I remembered my words, I wouldn’t speak without looking. By comparing my best waves and his two best, I won the round. I’m really sad… I don’t want this to shake me. I got huge support from Brazil, and it only makes me stronger. These sad days will pass and I will bring us even more pride. “

Medina added that he wanted to light up Tahiti at the Paris 2024 Games, with the surf part of the show taking place at Teahupoo.

“I hope to participate in the next Olympics in Tahiti, it’s a wave that I love. It is still a long time, three years, but my dream starts from now… ”

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