Hunter Erb, A&M signatory, is he a guard or a tackle?

Texas A&M Signatory Erb Hunter committed to the Aggies in the spring and was classified as a tackle in the 247 Sports Composite due to its massive 6ft 6in frame and long wingspan. In theory, his combination of mass and length would allow him to move people around in the running game and keep defenders out of pocket for pass protection.

However, Erb worked both guard and tackle in the practices leading up to today’s Army All American game and also split the time between the edge and the inside of the game. As a result, regardless of this that we’ve seen of him in camps and high school games, you need to seriously consider whether or not he could be better on guard given the competition he faced both in the game and during the sessions. ‘training was much better than what he had seen before this week … and probably provided a more realistic assessment of his abilities.

We have already stated that Erb’s strengths as a player are his strength and length and both attributes are on display today. In particular, his appearance in the hit and the disc in high school gives you an idea not only of his power but also of the explosion that comes at full extension of his arms. It generates huge pop that can tip defenders and throw them off balance, especially those who are more undersized edge guys or second tier backers on blitzes. Erb can lock people out as well and this extension means you won’t stray from him and he’s going to take you where he wants you to go. Getting too high and engaging your upper body is not the best plan of attack, whether indoors or outdoors. Erb has also shown that he keeps his head on a pivot and knows very well where defenders are on the pitch.

There was also something else at work watching him today and that is the fact that he is a guy who is most comfortable operating from a two point position. , which leads to the second aspect of the analysis … due to its size it does not play. with a lot of curvature. He needs to be able to start higher in his position to allow him to have better balance, use his hands earlier, play with the punch and lead people. When he does that he anchors himself really well against inside defenders and you’re not going to push him around. Even so, it’s a different story on the outside because when he tries to mirror someone, they may be more prone to push themselves forward and lose influence over them,

It was also used on G blocks from the guard point to trade Mike’s backers in blitz in trades with the center in both running and pro passing play. Even when he wasn’t able to adjust to the hole, Erb still turned the people around and kept them out unharmed.

He still needs to work on things like raising his hands earlier, but this is common among young players and will come with time. However, it will also be a problem that will be minimized if you keep it indoors instead of playing it on the edge.

Overall, Erb seems to suit the interior better at this point. That doesn’t mean he can’t play tackle, but rather that he will be a better player as a keeper. In addition, he spent more time guarding than tackling in play and his attributes certainly came into play more inside than outside.

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