“I played Point Guard and Quarterback growing up, so vision has always been in my repertoire!” : ‘Sea Captain’ Klay Thompson talks about his performance tonight, especially his back passes

Warriors star Klay Thompson talks about his vision on the court, talks enthusiastically about his assists tonight and drops a few shots

The Golden State Warriors recorded their biggest home win of the season last night. Unlike many of their triumphant victories, this one was not achieved by a single player. It was a collective team effort, which resulted in an upset 38 points for the visiting Dallas Mavericks.

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Leading the score was Warriors rookie sensation Jonathan Kuminga. He scored 22 points and 5 rebounds on 8/9 shooting. Klay Thompson has played the most since his return, almost hitting the 26-minute mark. He scored 15 points and delivered 6 assists, a season high. Stephen Curry scored 18 points, grabbed 9 rebounds and delivered 7 assists. After the match, Klay Thompson explained that he had not taken his boat to work last night, due to weather conditions. He revealed his nickname, “Sea Captain”.

‘Sea Captain’ Klay Thompson talks about his superior’s ‘vision’ on the pitch

After the game, Jonathan Kuminga spoke to the media, where he talked about how it was the most he had ever seen Klay Thompson pass the ball.

When Klay spoke, he explained that “Vision was still in his repertoire.”

Also, given the reports of his left knee issues, it was great to see him play the best minutes of the season. Klay almost played for 26 minutes and scored effectively in the same period.

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With Klay feeling good about himself and his minutes slowly speeding up, the Dubs seem deadlier than ever. As long as they make steady progress on this path and Draymond Green recovers soon, they will be a force to be reckoned with in the West.

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