I’m a baker and I never leave flour in the bag – what I found when I did marked me for life

A BAKERY has shared the horrible reason why she always decants dry ingredients like flour into an airtight container.

The reason may not be what you expect, but it’s a common problem in kitchens around the world.


Professional baker Melissa Rose always stores her flour in an airtight container1 credit
Rose revealed flour can hide weevils, small insects that burrow into bags


Rose revealed flour can hide weevils, small insects that burrow into bags1 credit

Melissa Rose is the baker behind Design Eat Repeat, and she’s always developing new recipes to share with her 320,000 followers on TikTok and Instagram.

But she also shares other valuable tips, like her tip for keeping bugs out of the dry ingredients in her pantry.

In one video, Rose sifted through a bag of flour and revealed the body of a small insect that had burrowed into it.

“Did you know there are these tiny insects that are attracted to flour and lay their eggs in the glue strip of the flour sack?” Rose shared.

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She pointed to the glue strip that weevils love so much.

“That’s why you never want to leave your flour in an open bag and instead pour it into an airtight container,” Rose explained.

“This will keep the flour fresh and the weevils out.”

In a comment, Rose explained how the weevils made their way through the flour and warned viewers that the insects could be in the bag while it was still on store shelves.

“They like to hide in seals, but they’re usually already in flour when you buy,” Rose said.

“The container helps keep them out or in so they at least stay contained as they can also come from other products (rice, pasta, etc.) and then go into open flour sacks.”

In the comments, viewers shared additional tips for getting rid of bugs and recounted their own experiences with weevils.

“Freeze your flour for 24 hours after you bring it home from the store,” advised one reviewer. “Kill everything.”

Another commenter recalled his experience with insects.

“I once ate cereal and didn’t see it until I had eaten a lot,” the viewer wrote.

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Unsuspecting viewers thanked Rose for her expertise, but also regretted watching the video.

“I missed 20 seconds ago when I didn’t see this,” one commenter lamented.

Weevils lay their microscopic eggs in the glue strips of flour sacks


Weevils lay their microscopic eggs in the glue strips of flour sacks1 credit

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