“Jaren Jackson Jr, LeBron James can’t protect you!”: Grizzlies fan instantly regrets heckling Lakers superstar as he locks down JJJ

Grizzlies fan heckles at LeBron James, claims he can’t keep Jaren Jackson Jr but is instantly mistaken by the Lakers star.

LeBron James has had a false story line since entering his mid-thirties: “LeBron can’t defend at a high level anymore.” Well that’s just not true as he turned out to be a world class defenseman just 9 months ago for the Los Angeles Lakers as he was perhaps playing the best defense of his entire career. .

Of course, fans might remember he injured himself against the Hawks, ending his campaign for an All-Defensive and MVP team selection.

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Injury and load management have piled up over the past 9 months or so for “The King” NBA fans, podcasters and analysts have come together to denigrate his defense yet again.

LeBron James hasn’t done much to dismiss that narrative this season, but has shown a few flashes of who he can be when he’s locked up on that end of the ground, however.

The fan heckles LeBron James but instantly gets it wrong.

The Memphis Grizzlies, minus Ja Morant, Dillon Brooks and Brandon Clarke, beat the Los Angeles Lakers in double digits in Memphis. Much of the responsibility for the rather lackluster purple and gold season has been placed on Anthony Davis, as it’s pretty obvious LeBron James is still one of the best players in the world.

His defensive shortcomings this season are clearly due to an overall defensive deficiency of the whole squad, as he has proven to be a stuck defender in isolation. A Memphis Grizzlies fan had to learn this the hard way.

The fan shouted, ‘He [LeBron] I can’t keep you ‘to Jaren Jackson Jr who was trying to isolate himself from James on the right wing. This fan immediately ate his words as the 2020 Finals MVP pinched him, leaving JJJ with no choice but to pass out to a teammate as time went on.

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It’s safe to say that LeBron James can activate it, going defensive on the pitch when needed.

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