‘John Stockton is the best pure playmaker of all time’: Charles Barkley gives his flowers to Utah Jazz legend, snubbing Chris Paul, Steve Nash and Jason Kidd

Utah Jazz icon John Stockton and former MVP Charles Barkley were among the best to do so in their respective positions.

John Stockton was one of the best point guards to ever step on a basketball court. While the 10x All-Star wasn’t exactly blessed with the best athletic ability, he used his skills to carve out a Hall of Fame career as the all-time leader in assists and flight.

Meanwhile, Charles Barkley is one of the best forwards to ever play in the NBA. The 11x All-Star has averaged 22.1 points and 11.7 rebounds throughout his career. In his heyday, Chuck even won an MVP over a Michael Jordan, a feat few can say he achieved.

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Charles Barkley pays tribute to John Stockton, a player he once despised.

Despite handling the ball most of the time, John Stockton averaged just 2.8 turnovers to his name during his career. Although it went unnoticed by the media and fans, many opposing players noticed how well the 11x All-NBA went on offense. Charles Barkley being one of them. He goes on to say –

“John Stockton is the perfect point guard. There has never been a pure playmaker who made better basketball decisions with the ball – ever.

It’s high praise from Chuck, who hated the jazz star during his NBA tenure. While Barkley might be right, we can’t ignore the likes of Chris Paul, Steve Nash, Jason Kidd: point guards who are absolutely magicians at directing an offense.

However, Charles Barkley recanted and corrected his earlier statement –

“Magic Johnson is the greatest point guard of all time, but he’s a freak of nature. But Isiah Thomas and John Stockton are the two best pure ones – when I say pure, I mean little guys to play the position They’re the best at doing it.

However, none of them really come close to John Stockton, especially when it comes to numbers. The jazz legend has averaged 10.5 assists and 2.2 steals per game over his 19-year career; Such astonishing numbers and records may not be touched for the foreseeable future.

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