Joshua Brandon Crane’s body was found along the American River after trying to save two stranded rafters.

The American River just outside of Sacramento, California.

David Rout/Getty Images

A Sacramento man who tried to save two rafters was found dead along the American River, the Sacramento bee reported.

The outlet says Joshua Brandon Crane, 30, disappeared on Friday July 26 after jumping into the American River to rescue two struggling rafters. Although the two eventually managed to get to safety, it wasn’t until Saturday that Crane’s body was found downstream of the San Juan Rapids – a popular recreation area in Fair Oaks, California. The Bee says Crane was not wearing a life jacket at the time of the incident.

It is unclear whether the two rafters were wearing life jackets. Crane’s official cause of death is still being determined.

Sacramento County State Parks The website says even strong and experienced swimmers should don life jackets when visiting local rivers, lakes and streams. People are advised to wear them while boating, swimming or even wading. If someone is in distress, it is advisable to shout for help while another person reaches out to them with a tree branch, paddle or pole. Spectators can also toss a life jacket or cooler to the person in distress to help them stay afloat while help arrives. Currently, there are eight lifejacket stations near the American River Parkway that lend lifejackets to children and adults.

The Sacramento Police Department has not responded to SFGATE’s request for comment at the time of this writing.

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