Magic’s Rafer Alston slapped Celtics guard Eddie House in the ’09 conference semifinals and realized he ‘screwed up and did the dumbest, craziest thing ever “

Orlando Magic beat the Boston Celtics in the 09′ conference semifinals, but Rafer Alston slapping Eddie House in an otherwise quiet game caused a lot of noise than anything else.

Rafer Alston was already a legend before entering the league. He’s one of those rare legendary streetball players who got to make it to the biggest stages of them all – the National Basketball Association.

“Skip to my Lou” played on the AND1 Mixtape Tour until 1999, after which it moved to the NBA. The 6’2 point guard played in the league from 1999-2010 for six different teams, including the 2008-09 Orlando Magic that made the NBA Finals.

It was the second game of that year’s Conference Finals against the defending champions Boston Celtics where Rafer made a mistake he thought was the biggest mistake of his career, which caused him to knocked out of the league in a year.

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Rafer Alston slapped Eddie House in a conference final game only to regret it for life

Alston while defending transitioning Celtics guard Eddie House on the perimeter was flustered as House shot a 3 with the Cs already dominating play, and he couldn’t stop his shot.

So Alston slapped House on the head for some reason. He opened up about the incident when he appeared on the VladTV podcast last year.

“The Eddie House situation to date has to be the dumbest thing I’ve done in my career. He was killing us, then he shot while I was closing in, and I thought Eddie told me something after running into the field after shooting Alston recalled the incident.

He continued: “So my reflex, my reaction was to get down on the pitch. Okay, when I did, he’s in my face even though I’m macho, saying something to him. In my head, I say to myself, I just screwed up.

He further explained when they will meet face to face after the match. “We took a shower, and I came out of the locker room, and he comes out of his locker room. Right now, I’m like, well, if he wants to do something, then it’s going to fall. In my head, I think, I know they’re about to hit me with a suspension; I just messed up. It was the dumbest thing in the world so far. The dumbest, craziest thing I’ve ever done is this.

Alston was given a game suspension for the incident and missed Game 3 while in the starting lineup due to the injury to Jameer Nelson. Although they won that series, he lost his starting position for the Finals in which Nelson made a comeback, but the Lakers won it 4-1 as the first of two consecutive championships.

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