Mistaken Identity: Security Guard Clubs MBA Graduate to Death

HAL police on Wednesday arrested a 25-year-old apartment security guard who allegedly killed an MBA graduate by mistaking him for a thief in the early hours of Tuesday.

Defendant Shyamnath Ree, residing in the security room of the Vanshee Citadel Apartment in Marathahalli, told police it was around 2 a.m. when he noticed an unidentified man jumping out the door and trying to escape. enter the apartment complex. Ree confronted him, but instead of responding, the man ignored him and continued walking through the apartment. Thinking him to be a thief, Ree attacked him with an iron bar.

A severe blow to the head left the man bleeding profusely and he collapsed to the ground. Ree sounded the alarm, prompting residents of the apartment to rush to her aid. They found the man dead in a pool of blood.

HAL police moved the body for autopsy and detained Ree for questioning.

After investigation, the police discovered that the deceased was an MBA graduate from Odisha who had come with his friends for an internship in the city a few days ago. The deceased, Abhinash, was staying in an apartment and on the fateful night he was drunk and got into the wrong apartment.

Ree was arrested for murder and taken into custody.

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