Most assists in an NBA game: When former Magic point guard Scott Skiles annihilated the Nuggets by setting an all-time NBA single-game record of 30 assists

In 1990, Magic guard Scott Skiles then set the all-time NBA record for most assists in a single game with 30 assists.

John Stockton, Magic Johnson, Jason Kidd, Chris Paul are all some of the best passers in NBA history. That being said, naturally, one would assume that one of these players holds the all-time record for most assists in a single game in the NBA.

Surprisingly, the record is not held by any of these legends. In fact, the player who has the record to his name is not an NBA champion, an All-NBA player, and not even an All-Star.

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Back on December 30e, 1990, Scott Skiles then destroyed the Denver Nuggets with 22 points and 30 assists, surpassing the previous record of 29 assists set by Kevin Porter in 1978, when the NBA’s all-time record for most assists decisive in a single Game.

‘But I’m proud to have more assists than Cousy, Robertson, Magic, Archibald and Stockton in a game’: Scott Skiles

Years later, Scott gave a detailed explanation of how he got his 30and help during the record match. As said to Brett BallantiniSkiles said:

Time was running out and my total was still 29. Finally, with 19.6 seconds left, Reynolds scored on a 20-foot jumper on one of my flows, and I had the record. I was very happy and the crowd was shouting and applauding me loudly.

“One day someone will get 31, so I don’t think too much about the assist record. But I’m proud to know that of all the great playmakers – guys like Bob Cousy, Oscar Robertson, Magic Johnson, Tiny Archibald and John Stockton – I have more assists than any of them in a game.

In the 155-116 win, the Magic as a group shot the ball with great efficiency. Skiles awarded the record to all of his teammates.

I watched the movie about a week later and saw that my teammates were making a lot of hard shots on my passes – and that we had shot .570 as a team overall, if any of those shots had been missed, I would have failed, so I owe the record to my teammates.

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30 assists in a single game by a single player seems almost impossible to imagine. However, it is not an unbreakable record. There are several great players going first in our league who have a real shot at reaching that record.

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