My Food Bag teams up with the Kiwi Brewery Garage project to launch a tiny-but-mighty paired meal kit

Hassle-free meal kit company My Food Bag has teamed up with Wellington’s Garage Project brewery and their
Tiny non-alcoholic beer to add a touch of flavor to some of their upcoming recipes.

Released just in time for Dry July, foodies can enjoy a weekly recipe in their My choice bag that pairs perfectly with Garage Project’s Tiny non-alcoholic beer, with the exclusive 4-pack (only available in New Zealand) also on sale as an add-on in their Kitchen

The local partnership came about after Pete Gillespie, co-founder and head brewer of Garage Project, spent time in the development kitchen of My Food Bag with Ella Krauts, development kitchen manager, to create five blends of different spices that bring out the flavor of the non-alcoholic. Beer.

Using custom spice blends, these dishes include Fried Chicken Bao with Spicy Lemon Pickles, Indian-Style Breaded Fish with Gunpowder Potatoes and Chilli Greens, and Mee Goreng Wok Fried Shrimps Sprinkled with Mixed Pineapple and Peanuts
– with each meal kit backed by a recipe card with the unique tasting notes for foodies to access the full pairing experience at home.

Pete says their non-alcoholic beer Tiny, released late last year, has continued to grow in popularity as more Kiwis opt for non-alcoholic options while still enjoying the taste they expect from their usual alcoholic counterparts.

“Tiny is specifically fermented to deliver all of the big, juicy hop character of a regular Hazy IPA – just without the alcohol,” Pete says.

“In partnership with My Food Bag, we are able to provide Kiwis with all the flavor, minus the alcohol, so they can enjoy the pub experience with gourmet delights from the comfort of their own home.”

To further expand the tasting collaboration, My Food Bag has also developed a cookbook to help foodies cook up delicious dishes, which can be purchased at a TINY Non-alcoholic beer, spice kit and cookbook for only $27.99.

Chilli and Cheese Chicken Burger with Caramelized Pineapple Salsa Wok fried shrimp Mee Goreng sprinkled with a mixture of pineapple and peanuts Fried Chicken Bao with Spicy Lemon Pickles

Other tasty dishes include Chilli and Cheese Chicken Burger with Caramelized Pineapple Salsa and
Sticky BBQ Chicken Bites with Salty Chipotle Polenta Chips and Wedge Saladwith deliveries starting July 3.

To learn more and explore the Tiny but mighty collaboration, visit

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