My mesh bag

There is a point in every swimmer’s life when they decide it is time for them to invest in their own equipment. A set of fins, a board, you know all these good things. You quickly realize that putting a set of wet fins in your bag every time you leave the pool just isn’t going to cut it. So you invest in a mesh bag. If you’re like me, you get an obnoxiously loud color. I had a lime green and a neon orange in my day. In training, in a sea of ​​mesh bags, you’ll want one that stands out a bit. So, you lug around this mesh bag. It is a commitment to the sport because now you are carrying not one, but two bags to go swimming. If you’re not lucky enough to be able to leave your mesh bag at the pool where you practice, you may even need to bring it to school with you. Believe me, I know how ridiculous it is to carry your school backpack, bath bag, mesh bag, and lunch box with you almost every day.

Growing up, my club team has always had a handful of high school kids who commit to college swimming every year. This meant that during the holidays we always had a group of varsity swimmers training with us for a week or two while they were home for Christmas. I always thought they looked so cool curling up on the pool deck with all their college gear. Suit, cap, bath bag, all that. Do you know what else I noticed that the college kids had? A mesh bag with their name on it and their school’s logo or name engraved on it. Alabama, Auburn, Louisville, Tennessee (I’m from the South, can you tell?) I saw all kinds of college mesh bags brought home to workout. I don’t know why, but getting one of those mesh bags, to me, meant you did.

So move quickly a few years. I’m swimming in Carson-Newman, and I have the chance to finally get my hands on one of these mesh bags. It’s a giant blue mesh bag with Carson-Newman on one side and an eagle’s head on the other (#TalonsUp). The icing on the cake, my last name is written at the bottom. I’m not sure why I’ve been promoting this sort of mesh bag for years, but let me tell you, it was everything I dreamed of. There was something about wearing this thing on the pool deck that really made me feel like I was meant to be there. And you can bet your last dollar that I took this thing home with me on every break that I swam with my club team. It’s a little weird to think about it again, but by showing up to my pool at home, the college team mesh bag in hand, I had become someone I had admired. in college / high school.

Now that I’m a swimmer, I no longer have a pool where I can leave my mesh bag. Since I live in an apartment, I also don’t have a great place to put it there, so it lives in the trunk of my car. I’m not sure why I’m so determined to have it on hand, I don’t go to the pool to swim as much as I would like. I’m sure the back of my car isn’t the best place to keep my beloved mesh bag and gear inside. I know for a fact that my paddle tubes are dry rotten and that staying in the trunk of my car does not help solve the problem. But hey, when the time strikes for me to go to the pool, she will be ready and waiting for me.

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