Mystery as swimmers find burnt wetsuit on Tynemouth beach left covered in nails

Swimmers have been alarmed after finding a burnt wetsuit on a Tynemouth beach just days after ‘thousands’ of nails and sharp objects were strewn across the sand.

A swimmer came across the wetsuit in King Edward’s Bay on Tuesday morning and was shocked to find it was scorched with large burn marks. The member of the public, who was running along the beach at the time, quickly alerted the community group, Totally Tynemouth Collective, in the hope of finding out what had happened.

Members of the group shared the image of the badly damaged suit on the Facebook page and wondered if it had something to do with the thousands of nails and sharp objects that appeared on the beach on Sunday June 19.

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The message on the page read: “We found a burnt wetsuit today. WHAT’s going on?”

It follows the launch of a police investigation into “thousands” of nails, screws, wires and batteries that were strewn across the beach on Sunday. Swimmer Mallory Smith alerted Northumbria Police to the shocking discovery and the force confirmed that “inquiries are ongoing” into the incident.

However, Northumbria Police said they had not received any reports of the burnt suit at this time.

Swimmers discovered ‘thousands’ of nails in King Edward’s Bay in Tynemouth on Sunday June 19.

Mallory, 69, a member of Totally Tynemouth, said: “The burnt wetsuit was pointed out to me by another swimmer around 10am on Tuesday. He was running along the beach and picked it up thinking that it could have been repaired, but then I saw the extent of the burns.

“I left the suit in the trash. We have no idea the story. Honestly, what next?”

Meanwhile, North Tyneside Council said its clean-up crews were stepping up patrols on the beach after the nail incident and urged visitors to be careful.

Sam Dand, the council’s environment manager, said: “We are incredibly proud of our award-winning beaches and work hard with the local community to keep them clean, safe and well maintained. We have employed additional crews over the course of the year. summer to supplement our existing environmental maintenance teams.

“Like our residents, we are shocked and appalled by this incident. We would like to thank those who spent time cleaning the beach on Sunday morning.

“We clean the beaches every day during the summer months, and we also have specialist equipment to rake and sift the sand to remove small debris. Our seasonal teams have been alerted to the incident and are increasing the patrols this area to help keep it safe and clean for users.


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