New dog safety vest against wolf attacks in eastern Finland | Yle Uutiset

Jussi Aro and his dog Minka are testing a prototype of a “chili vest”.

Image: Pertti Huotari / Yle

Residents of the eastern city of Nurmes in Finland will be testing a new invention designed to keep their pets safe next spring: a dog safety vest containing chili cartridges.

If a wolf attacks a dog wearing the vest and pierces the fabric, the cartridges release chili powder which vaporizes on the wolf’s face and mouth.

Prototypes of the product were already available in 2014, but the actual vests will be tested for the first time in Finland in the spring of 2017. Those who agreed to participate in the testing were asked to keep a list of pros and cons. of the invention.

The inhabitants are afraid

Mäntyharju resident Jussi Aro has been developing protective vests for a decade now.

“This is my own one-man war,” he laughs.

Wolves in the wild have injured 32 dogs along the eastern border of Finland and Russia so far in 2016, and locals are afraid to let their pets and children out.

The dog safety vest will be tested in the town of Nurmes as observers have recorded numerous wolf movements in the area.

Local police suspect that a wolf was illegally killed in Nurmes in late November.

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