Police confiscate four different guns from teenager in separate arrests

BAKER — Baker Police Chief Carl Dunn said his department confiscated four different weapons from a teenager in four different stops in the same week.

It came as Dunn tried to bring attention to a growing problem in his area that was being picked up by so many others. Teenagers wreak havoc in our communities, and the judges who impose justice on them see the multiplication of them.

Last week, Dunn held a visual press conference where he displayed all of the guns that had been confiscated from miners in his community.

“No one should need it to attend a community event,” Dunn said.

During that press conference, he said his officers needed to remain vigilant as they were often outmaneuvered in terms of firepower by the armed teenagers in the streets.

“Cops can’t even come to work without wearing something like that,” Dunn said, pointing to a bulletproof vest. “You want to know why they carry something like that, because I have 14, 15 and 16 year olds driving around with handguns that you can’t buy until you’re 21.”

As Dunn referred to the guns that were confiscated, he said there was no charge that matched the minors because they couldn’t determine if the guns were stolen. Many of them have no purchase record.

Last year, the WBRZ Investigative Unit profiled issues related to rising youth crime.

Juvenile Judge Adam Haney said the increase is real not just here in Baton Rouge, but across the country.

“Violent crime, particularly juvenile crime, is on the rise across the country,” Haney said. “It’s not just a Baton Rouge problem. It happens everywhere, and I don’t think anyone has a good idea what’s driving it.”

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