Raiders try to guard against big win after defeating Cowboys

It’s safe to say that over the last few years the Raiders have let the losses pile up late in the season and so that the season eludes them. Derek Carr often talks about how this season is different. And when I say “often”, I mean every season. Likewise, he explains how players from previous seasons (while he had said it was different before, mind you) players would let losses happen to them.

With the team’s three-game losing streak, there was much the same ‘here we go’ feeling as the past few seasons when the Raiders started hot and faded into the home stretch. .

Then the Raiders went to Dallas and beat a really good Cowboys team.

Now, just like with the losses, the Raiders need to be careful. But this time, they have to be careful not to think that they have accomplished something and that they still have no problems to fix.

Interim head coach Rich Bisaccia met with the team this week to make sure this team doesn’t mess around.

“The defeat, we weren’t so beaten down that we couldn’t go there and continue to prepare and we couldn’t go there and have very good physical and clear practices. And now that we’ve won, we just have to be careful, ”Bisaccia said on Monday. “What I told them is I think when you win a match you have to be careful that the victory hides your problems. When you lose a match you choose whatever goes into the loss. . When you win a game there is a tendency sometimes to skim over the things that you didn’t do well and sort of move on. So I think we have to do a good job as coaches to look at the things that we didn’t really do well even though we won the game, just like we would if we lost it. So we are going to try to do that. We are going to try to have enough confidence in ourselves to be able to be self-critical, not only as coaches, but also as players.

One would hope that this would not be a difficult concept. After all, the Raiders needed the extra hours to beat a Cowboys team missing their two starting receivers. And they rain flags from officials who often hurt the Raiders while sometimes helping them. Nothing in this game should give them a reason to feel overconfident.

Another way to avoid being too low after a loss or too high after a win is to simply look around the league. As Derek Carr noted on Wednesday.

“You look at any of the very good teams, especially in the AFC, there is a big old cluster around the same record in the AFC. Everyone has had a lot of good days and a lot of teams have had bad days, great football teams, “Carr said.” So that’s happening in our league. I think the bottom line is that you do your best to stay balanced and trust the process. You are always trying to improve your process and what I mean by that is the daily and weekly work from the end of the match until the next kick off.

AFC West alone is anyone’s season. With the Chiefs atop the division at 7-4 and the other three teams at 6-5.

When it comes to the issues, the running game always struggles with consistency, the offensive line is still the weak link and commits far too many penalties, and they’ve shown that if the pass rush isn’t in. point, the whole defense collapses. Nothing can be taken for granted with this team.

The week the Raiders prepare for Washington. A team that sits at 5-6, a different game from the Raiders. Whatever it takes for the Raiders to not think that beating the Cowboys 7-3 means they can go cruise control against Washington which they have to use to avoid anything that looks like a trap.

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