Road works ahead! TxDOT widens one-mile section of SH 321 in Tarkington

Traffic moves along SH 321 near the Ranch Hand Café in Tarkington where construction of a road widening project has begun.

After numerous crashes, including some fatalities, the Texas Department of Transportation is finally working on a road widening project that should make travel safer along a dangerous section of SH 321 west of Cleveland .

According to Danny Perez, a spokesperson for TxDOT, the project lies along SH 321 from west of CR 2247 to east of CR 2243, a stretch of road about a mile long in the area of Tarkington.

“This project is a safety improvement project to add an open center left turn lane and widen the road to 10ft shoulders, 11ft taxi lanes and a common center turn lane 12 feet,” Perez said.

The project costs around $860,000 and is expected to be completed by mid-summer 2022.

During construction of the Project, TxDOT asks motorists to keep the following tips in mind when traveling through the construction zone:

  • Slow down, follow posted speed limit in work area and drive to conditions. Traffic fines double in work zones when workers are present and can cost up to $2,000.
  • Pay attention. Avoid distractions, keep your mind on the road, and put your phone away.
  • Do not tailgate. Give yourself room to stop quickly. Rear-end collisions are the most common type of work area accident.
  • Watch out for road crews. The only protective equipment they wear is a safety vest, helmet and boots. Don’t forget that they also want to get home safely.
  • Plan extra time. Road construction slows things down. Count on it and plan for it.

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