Security officer filmed pushing and suffocating teenagers after being “slapped”

A security guard at an amusement park was filmed shooting two teenagers, one being pushed to the ground and the other suffocated.

The moment one teenager was thrown to the ground and another suffocated by an angry security guard was captured on video.

Shocking footage shows chaotic scenes outside a seaside playroom as an argument between a doorman and two boys – believed to be 14 – escalates into violence, The sun reports.

Video taken of the incident at the Golden Palms arcade in Torquay, Devon, southwest England, shows one of the boys arguing with a bouncer.

The youngster, dressed in a gray top and black sweatpants, can be seen standing near the entrance, appearing to exchange angry words with the security guard.

Other young people can be heard chatting in the background, with one commenting on the older man’s age.

A loud banging sound can then be heard as the teen in the gray top rushes forward, appearing to slap the security guard.

The doorman then grabs the boy by the arm and they both rush forward before falling to the ground.

The security guard then gets to his feet, picking up what appears to be a walkie-talkie that has escaped him, before charging another young man dressed in black with red sneakers.

The porter seems to grab the young man in black clothes by the neck.

Young people can be heard shouting, “Don’t suffocate him” and: “Let him go!”

One of them yells repeatedly, “Dude, don’t choke him, don’t choke him.”

The security guard seems to be saying, “You love him, don’t you? Before rushing inside the arcade.

Another youngster said, “My buddy, he just hit him in the face. “

The security guard returns outside the door and appears to continue arguing with the boy in the gray shirt before the footage is cut.

DevonLive reported that a parent of one of the boys notified police of the incident and said he filed a complaint with the arcade.

A spokesperson for Devon and Somerset Police said: ‘Police are investigating reports of an assault on a teenager at Cary Parade, Torquay on Tuesday October 26th.

“It was reported to the police that there had been an altercation between a group of young people and a man.

“Police are investigating the incident and looking for witnesses.”

The management of the Golden Palms Amusement Arcade said The sun they declined to comment.

The parent told the website his son “defended” a friend, alleging the staff member videotaped the group on his phone and “threatened to find them after work.”

He claimed his son also had scratches and marks from the incident.

The sun contacted the Securities Industry Association for comment.

This story first appeared on The sun and has been republished here with permission

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