Sentinels against Guard: The Guard continue their domination by demolishing the Sentinels 2:0

Take a look at the recap of the most anticipated match of the NA VCT playoff superior quarterfinal, Sentinels vs Guard.

The Guard looked really good in the NA VCT scene, with Trent being key to their success. They upset some pretty major league teams, and they continue to do so.

Speaking of major league teams, Sentinel’s performance was really disappointing. It might sound brutal, but they just don’t seem to take these games seriously or maybe fix their issues. As we could see the repercussions in today’s game.

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Sentinels against guard

Going into this game, the Sentinels had the first choice, so choose Bind as the first card. With guard picking Cooler as second and Haven being the decision maker.

Map 1: Link

Initially, Bind was the domain of the Sentinels, but now they just seem very predictable. And don’t look as coordinated as they showed. And Guard defiantly took advantage and took the card with a score of 13-6.

Map 2: Cooler

If we think their performance on Bind was questionable, I don’t even know how to describe Icebox. They went 1-11 in the first half, Guard just has better use of utility, dual purpose and better confidence overall.

To sum up Sentinals got destroyed on Icebox and gone 1-13 against Guard, and it’s really good to see new and upcoming teams uproot previous kings.

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Upcoming matches for both teams

With this incredible performance, Guard will go on to play against Luminosity in the Superior Semi-Finals. The game will be live March 19 at 4:00 p.m. PST.

And the Sentinels have one last chance to try to get into the masters, and they will go against version 1 in the lower bracket. The game will be live March 20 at 4:00 p.m. PST

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