‘Steph Curry not one of the top 5 pointers’: Gilbert Arenas makes shocking statement about Warriors superstar as he says Curry does not play the proto-typical ‘point guard’ role

Gilbert Arenas says Steph Curry is not one of the top 5 point guard in NBA history because he cannot classify the Warriors star as a “point guard.”

The definition of what a point guard is in the NBA today has changed dramatically over the past 8 years. With Steph Curry emerging as perhaps the greatest shooter in NBA history, fans and analysts have wondered if he could even be classified as a playmaker, a position he entered for. in the league.

Traditional playmakers are those who orchestrate half-court infractions while trying to get rid of the ball as quickly and efficiently as possible. Guys like John Stockton, Magic Johnson, Chris Pual, among others, embody this role to perfection.

However, over time, guys like Steph Curry and Russell Westbrook have burst onto the scene to wreak havoc in the ‘non-traditional’ playmaker way.

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Instead of Curry looking for a roll man all other possessions or constantly looking for lob threats in his team, his own teammates set up a slew of high screens, low screens, d ‘flare screens, etc., to open it to fire while the Warriors are operating. out of it being a threat to shoot.

Gilbert Arenas on Steph Curry not being one of the 5 best leaders.

Gilbert Arenas not only said he didn’t believe Steph Curry is the best player in the world right now, but claimed he was not in the top 5 in league history because it does not correspond to the proto-typical definition. of what a PG is supposed to be.

“For me, Steph was not one of the top 5 leaders. There is a difference between the playmaker and the goalkeeper. It is unfair to the definition of what we think of as leaders. His title is leader, but when you say “okay Magic, John Stockton, Mark Jackson”, those types of “leaders”; throwing Steph into that category… * laughs * »

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The problem with definitions is that they change over time when necessary. With guys like Steph Curry, Russel Westbrook, Damian Lillard, Trae Young, Ja Morant, etc. dominant in the league while being listed as “playmakers” it’s time to normalize by comparing them to old PGs.

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