“Stephen Curry who? Trae Young is the best point guard this season”: NBA Twitter and Reddit hail the Hawks star for leading the league in total points and assists

Trae Young led the league in total points as well as total assists, while taking some of the hardest hits in the entire league.

Trae young became one of the league’s deadliest scorers. An offensive maestro, Ice Trae has the ability to improve himself and all of his teammates. Despite being just 6-foot-1, the Hawks’ sneaky guard manages to drop 40 bombs on teams with the best defense thanks to his incredibly deep bag of tricks.

After an incredibly deep playoff run last year, ATL struggled to replicate that success in the regular season. Amid their lackluster performance this campaign, Trae’s increased production has been one of the very few bright spots this year.

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Young is currently averaging a staggering 28.2 points (4and in the NBA), 9.5 assists (3rd in the NBA), 3.8 rebounds and one steal per game so far. The 1,915 points he scored and 649 assists he handed out this season is the most total points and assists in the NBA.

And the 23-year-old managed to accomplish that while taking some of the hardest hits in the league.

NBA Twitter and Reddit react as Trae Young leads league in total points and assists

We all know that Trae Young can fire the ball lights from the logo consistently. What’s more impressive than leading the league in points and assists is that Young did that while taking some of the hardest hits in the entire league.

Here, take a look at the stats detailed in this post below:

As soon as the stats went viral, social media exploded.

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Hopefully Young’s chances of being selected to All-NBA Teams aren’t affected due to the Hawks’ standings position.

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