‘Stephen Curry will overtake Magic Johnson as top point guard?? No, that’s not happening’: Shannon Sharpe closes Dubs stans as they go too far to celebrate Warriors series win

The Warriors finally did what they do best, get a double-team Stephen Curry leads them to another playoff win.

Playing their first playoff series after the 2019 Finals, it took no more than 5 games for the Warriors to get back to winning ways. With a 102-98 win in Game 5, they beat Nikola Jokic and Co 4-1 on Wednesday and advanced to the Western Conference Semifinals.

Their chances of winning the championship certainly seemed to dwindle with the latest talk that they were the favorites as the Phoenix Suns finished the season with the league’s best record by far.

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Meanwhile, the Warriors have been unable to stay in shape with Draymond Green and Curry taking turns and have missed several games over the past two months. And Golden State was struggling to pick up wins even against small, losing teams. But as soon as the Playoffs started, any rumors that they were no longer a contender died quickly.

And their biggest concern – the leader’s dip in form in the latter part of the season, flew out the window as he reverted to his usual self to fight his way to that series win over the Nuggets. With this, the internet started going crazy with its trendy train.

NBA Twitter Explodes As Warriors Win First Playoff Series In 3 Years, Says Stephen Curry Will Be GOAT Point Guard Over Magic Johnson If He Gets Them To Win It All

The 2x MVP returned to his electrifying self this series averaging 28 points, 5.4 assists, 3.4 rebounds and over 1.5 steals per game to ignite the Nuggets defense in 5 games, on average only 30 minutes per game.

And NBA Twitter got excited and announced that Curry would be the GOAT point guard over Magic Johnson if he led the Warriors to a title this season.

NFL Hall of Fame player and Fox Sports analyst Shannon Sharpe was quick to put this nonsense to rest.

In his 12+2 year NBA career, Magic made 9 Finals, won 5 while being a 3 Finals MVP to go along with his 3 regular season MVPs. The point genius could play every position at his height, but chose to play point guard because he loved the game more than anything else.

Curry, meanwhile, is a leading point guard who’s a hybrid between one and two guards, putting him in the same conversation with Magic isn’t fair to both. Steph is and always will be the GOAT shooter, but he never gets the better of the top point guards. Not even the top 3.

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