The Bould Pack expandable shoulder bag lasts a lifetime and also helps heal the planet

This versatile fanny pack and crossbody bag isn’t just durable; it might even improve the plant’s soil quality in the long run.

Once derisively dubbed Fanny Packs, bags that you can easily carry over your shoulders or around your hips have become hip again, no pun intended. The explosion of these compact travel bags has naturally caused an increase in production and the use of materials which, unfortunately, don’t exactly do wonders for the environment. There have been attempts to use more durable materials, but these sometimes have their own set of drawbacks and trade-offs that force manufacturers to revert to petroleum-based materials. With just one almost magical natural resource, however, this versatile bag solves all those problems while allowing you to almost magically carry everything you need to travel light, including your trusty camera.

Creator: Kiri McCart

Click here to buy now: $39 $69 ($30 off). Hurry up, only 62/650 left!

Most bags are made from a combination of different materials like plastic, leather, and cotton. Many sustainable alternatives attempt to reduce the impact of these products on the Earth, but sometimes have drawbacks such as reduced durability or short lifespan. Harvesting these resources also has its own negative impact which cannot be solved simply by growing more plants which in turn could also drain the soil of nutrients when left unchecked.

Natural materials – Hemp fiber is 4 times stronger than cotton and more than twice as strong as steel.

Kodama’s solution has actually been around for millennia, but with modern craftsmanship and production techniques, hemp can be transformed into a miracle fabric that can solve most of the limitations of sustainable alternatives, as this Bould Pack proves. . Plant-based hemp canvas, for example, was found to be four times more tear-resistant than cotton, surviving unscathed against a sharp knife. By fusing the PU coating under the fabric, this hemp textile also becomes waterproof. These properties also allow stubborn dirt and stains to be scrubbed off without damaging the back, making the Bould Pack nearly immortal without being harmful to the environment like plastics.

The material is strong enough that the slash of a sharp knife leaves almost no impact.

Hemp, of course, must be planted and harvested just like cotton and other organic materials. What makes the plant special are its natural regenerative properties which actually help improve the quality of the soil after it is harvested, in part due to the depth of its roots. It can also help purify not only the air but also the soil it grows on. Of course, it still needs water and nutrients, but it requires less compared to other plants used for textiles, such as cotton. The inside of the bag is also made from hemp, but a lighter type that has natural antibacterial properties that will keep your stuff germ-free, even if you leave a snack open for a day or two.

The Bould Pack isn’t just a bold sustainable statement, of course. It’s also a bold statement on versatility. With five pockets of different sizes, it has room for almost everything you need for a quick trip or adventure, not to mention a hidden pocket for important documents or keys. And if that’s not enough, simply unzip the rear part of the bag to increase its capacity, leaving enough space for a 9-inch water bottle or, better yet, a DSLR camera. The bag is also flexible in how you wear it, whether you prefer to wrap it around your hip, carry it on your back, or secure it in front of your chest. The Bould Pack adapts to you, not the other way around.

Holds up to a 9″ water bottle.

Shoulder bags are a dime a dozen these days, but one that will last you a lifetime and help make the world a better place at the same time is one of a kind. Versatile, durable, stretchy and long-lasting, the Bould Pack lets you help give back to the Earth while keeping your everyday carry safe and sound in one fashionable bag. And all for just $39 on Kickstarter, making it one of the easiest ways to help save the planet during your own mini-adventures in life.

Click here to buy now: $39 $69 ($30 off). Hurry up, only 62/650 left!

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