The world’s first combination that protects against SHARK BITES revealed

A WETSUIT protecting divers and surfers from shark bites has been tested on Great Whites.

Hayden Burford, owner of a surf shop, from Australiainvented protective clothing and launched it last month.


Launch of a suit that protects divers from shark bitesCredit: YouTube/ 7NEWS Australia
Former US Navy diver Rick Bettua tests the bodysuit


Former US Navy diver Rick Bettua tests the bodysuitCredit: YouTube/ 7NEWS Australia

Researchers from Flinders University in Adelaide tested the suit on the predator and they barely punched a hole in the material.

A high-tech polymer was used to make the suit, according to Inertia.

There are different suits for divers and surfers.

It reduces the severity of bites and also deters sharks from attacking.

This is because predators will catch their teeth in the fibers of the suit.

Burford said: “You might get a little puncture in the skin and bleed a little bit, but there wouldn’t be any of the horrible rips or tears (from a shark bite).”

Shark bites can have physical, mental and social consequences, said Associate Professor Charlie Huveneers, of Flinders University.

Rick Bettua, a former US Navy diver, was bitten twice by the predator while spearfishing in northern Queensland, Australia in 2020.

He was unconscious when brought to safety and was given 14 bags of blood to save his life.

Bettua said he almost lost his life because he didn’t have a suit.

The new high-tech suit costs around $715.

Burford said, “It’s an expensive product to make, but what’s your leg or your arm worth?”

A number of shark attacks have been reported in the United States in recent years.

Heather West was snorkeling Florida last month when she was mauled by a lemon shark.

The TikToker, who describes herself as a “full-time van lifer”, was touring Dry Tortugas National Park with travelers when they decided to go for a swim.

She claimed to have felt a “bad vibe” while swimming and the beast grabbed her foot as she was about to come out of the water.


West said the beast pulled her foot and tore her underwater.

The Tiktoker swore and punched the beast and called for help.

The shark eventually let go of its foot and West was brought back to shore, but had to be treated.

And, Thomas Butterfield, 42, was killed by a great white shark on Christmas Eve.

He was visiting his mother in California when the fatal attack happened off the beach at Morro Strand State.

His uncle Grant told the Los Angeles Times: “It’s a terrible loss, at 42, with him gathering his stuff and starting to make something of himself.

“[The family is] I’ll be fine… but even then, it’s hard to hold on.

A woman spotted a bodyboard floating near a surf break and paddled towards it before making the discovery.

It is not known if anyone saw the fatal attack.

Robin Warren, 56, was killed by a tiger shark while surfing in Maui, Hawaii in December 2020.

And Julie Holowach was killed about 20 yards from shore while swimming with her daughter in Maine.

The bodysuit has been tested against great white sharks


The bodysuit has been tested against great white sharksCredit: Getty

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