This dog travel bag makes traveling with pets much easier

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Traveling with pets can be stressful. Not only do you have to wrangle with your furry friends and make sure they’re happy and well-fed while you’re on the go, but you also have to lug all their gear. Keeping their food, water, toys and other essentials organized is often a difficult task, but Amazon shoppers have found a solution with the Modoker Pet Travel Bag.

One user said they “loved everything about this pet travel bag,” and it’s easy to see why. In addition to being waterproof and water resistant, the convenient bag features a spacious main chamber and multiple pockets that make it easy to organize your pet’s items. There are two roomy front pockets, an elasticated pocket on one side of the tote ideal for water bottles and a zippered compartment on the other side for items you need easy access like wipes or garbage bags. Additionally, the tote has two mesh pockets, one inside the top flap and another on the back of the bag, which are the perfect size for leashes.

The travel bag also comes with two separate food carrier bags, a water-resistant placement, and two collapsible pet bowls that fit neatly into the main compartment of the tote bag while still leaving plenty of space. space for treats, toys, etc. The bag has padded top handles, an adjustable shoulder strap and a rear luggage strap so you can slip it over your suitcase handle for added convenience. Plus, it’s small enough to fit under an airplane seat as it measures 11 inches high by 16 inches long by 8 inches wide.

In fact, Amazon shoppers have pointed out that this pet travel bag should “fit under most fully loaded airplane seats with no problem.” Do you feel skeptical? Another, who shared in his review that he was a flight attendant, wrote that this tote made their life “much easier” when packing for their dog. They noted that “it’s the perfect size, very sturdy and strong” and roomy enough to accommodate “four water bottles, food, towels, toys, [a] blanket, treats, [a] leash, and a few other things” on a trip of a few days.

More and more pet owners are raving about how useful this bag is when traveling. One person who has a service dog called the bag a “lifesaver” because it holds all of their food and supplies and can easily clip onto their wheelchair. They added that it is “literally the best thing that has ever happened to dogs”.

Another shopper called it “a dog mom’s equivalent of a diaper bag”, adding that while they love that the tote includes food storage essentials and bowls for hydration animals during transport, they find the integrated mat particularly clutching, considering they always forget to pack one. “It’s also a great companion for a day trip or if you like to hike with your dog,” they added.

But the bag is not exclusively designed for dogs. Cat owners love it too! One reviewer said the bag had all the gear they needed to travel with two cats and noted how durable the bag was. “It’s also strong enough to withstand one of cats’ destructive tendencies toward anything with food in it,” they wrote.

There are seven colors to choose from, and prices start at just $36 each, depending on which color you choose. If you are a pet owner and planning to travel with your furry friends, consider hooking up the Modoker Pet Travel Bag before your next trip.

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