“Tim Duncan was harder to protect than Kevin Garnett”: Kenyon Martin Sr. shares his experience keeping these two Hall of Fame members, chooses Spurs legend as harder to protect

Timmy and KG were defensive juggernauts in their days in the NBA. What made them unicorns was that they were also absolute monsters on the offensive side.

Tim Duncan’s most iconic offensive shot was the bank shot. Most players learn the bank shot by starting to play basketball. It’s only fitting that Timmy’s iconic snap is something so basic, as he’s dubbed – “The Great Fundamental”.

He has averaged over 20 points for 8 consecutive seasons and has 17 seasons shooting over 49% on the field.

Timmy had a smooth offensive passing system. However, KG was much more responsible for setting the offensive tone for the team. While Timmy used basic techniques to dominate his opponents, KG had a much more diverse offensive repertoire. KG was a low level master. In addition, it was efficient in hoop riding and was automatic from the mid-range.

This combination of threats posed by KG made him quite difficult to protect. He’s averaged over 20 points for 9 consecutive seasons and has 14 seasons with over 49% shots from the field.

Considering that these two players statistically played in the most difficult defensive era, these numbers prove that they are the two best PFs to enter the field.

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Kenyon Martin chooses Tim Duncan as the most difficult to protect compared to Kevin Garnett.

Kenyon Martin was one of the toughest defenders of his time. Needless to say, he spent many nights keeping Timmy and KG at their peak. In an episode of the ‘No Chill’ podcast, Kenyon Martin asks the question of KG vs Tim. The former All-Star did not hesitate to choose Tim Duncan as more difficult to keep.

“Most of the guys I could speed up, make you play at my pace, I could frustrate you but with him (Tim) it didn’t matter. He was going to play at his own pace, to get to his places. He was going to shoot the shot he wanted to shoot. And I just had to make the shot as hard as possible.

He further continues to express the difference between keeping these legends.

“With KG, I know what he’s going to do. so I can make him do something different. Like he could do a hard shot, but I can manipulate the way he took shots. KG is a right handed guy, I know that. You play with me, you can’t go to the right shoulder.

While these two guys have similar stats for their careers, one can only imagine what it would be like to keep them.

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