Time to take a step to the left guard?

It seems pretty obvious that Connor Williams is the weakest link in the offensive line. He’s consistently overpowered with big defensive tackles and leads the league in shots on goal. Who hasn’t given Connor McGovern a left guard shot? – TOM ADAMS / TOWNSHIP OF HANOVER, PA

David: I think the coaching staff are trying to overcome Tyron Smith’s absence with as few changes as possible, in the name of preserving a certain sense of continuity. But Smith is expected to be back soon, maybe as early as this week. When that happens, I think they understand the need to take a long look at this place. Between Connor McGovern and potentially La’el Collins, they have options to create competition for the job.

Rob: At Dave’s point, Mike McCarthy again referred to healthy competition on the line on Monday, so we’ll see what happens in the future. Collins took custody reps and obviously started there in the past. The Cowboys feel McGovern is a starting caliber player as well, although his role has been mostly back-up and is likely more comfortable on the right than on the left. I will say that McCarthy’s preference is always to keep the line going rather than making a bunch of changes. But there are still a lot of games.

I haven’t heard much from Kelvin Joseph. Can we expect him to help defense this season? – JOHN MASIADOHELLERTOWN, Pennsylvania

David: He actually got a chance to play defense at the end of those last two games, thanks to the lopsided scores. Plus, he’s done some really encouraging things on the special teams. I really like where he is, considering he missed the first half of the season with an injury. And let’s not forget that the team’s first three corners are all playing very good football. Maybe injuries will push him onto the pitch before the end of the season, but I see no reason to rush it.

Rob: The way Trevon Diggs, Anthony Brown, and Jourdan Lewis are playing, it’s hard to get a lot of shots right now. But it’s also a long season, and the best teams the Cowboys could face on the road will need several coverage options. The special teams were a good way for Joseph to pick up the pace. The Cowboys were very happy with his job there. And he did well with 11 defensive snaps on Monday, playing both man and zone cover.

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